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About The Project and Methodology


Topdeejays is the biggest organized global DJ database.

It offers visitors a chance to browse through categories like genre, country or social network and look at their favorite DJ’s profile, where they can find links to social media profiles and their statistics, listen to tracks from Soundcloud and Beatport or watch videos from YouTube. Topdeejays is a one-stop-shop for every electronic music professional.

To make browsing easier, DJs are ranked by their social media popularity and there is also an indexed search available for those who already know who are they looking for.



Electronic music is one of the most popular genres in modern times and every year a few DJs are launched into the stars. However, until now fans weren’t able to see all their favorite DJs at one place or for instance search for new talent by genre and spread their music horizons.

Also, less known artists now have a chance to expose their work and profile to the public and maybe make a breakthrough by using Topdeejays.

If you are a DJ or know someone who is, go ahead and enter him or her into Topdeejays’ database.



Topdeejays uses an algorythm that measures general social media influence by combining Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, MySpace, Last.fm and YouTube fans, subscribers and followers. In order to avoid mixing apples and oranges, it uses a unique measurement – TDJ points to rank artists by popularity. Take TDJ points as a currency to measure value of each participating social network’s members. You can check the social network unit TDJ value here

The TDJ value for each social network unit is calculated using the following formula (example for Twitter’s value):

1 Twitter Follower TDJ Value =

Total number of Facebook Likes

Total number of Twitter Followers

Of course you can also filter artists by a certain social network and in that case the DJs are ranked by number of their fans on that particular network.

Network name Unit Total Sum Of Units Unit TDJ value
Facebook Like 838,308,555 1.00 Pts.
Twitter Follower 197,370,907 4.25 Pts.
Soundcloud Follower 374,567,381 2.24 Pts.
Youtube Subscriber 118,755,367 7.06 Pts.
MySpace Friend 52,008,067 16.12 Pts.
Last.fm Listener 269,729,011 3.11 Pts.


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