Best DJ Controllers For Beginners 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Numark

2. Pioneer

3. Numark

Disc jockeys or DJs are massively cheered by people for playing music in local bars, dance clubs, internet radio stations or general radio stations. However, the success of a DJ rests on their song selections that can capture the pulse of the audience and the tools that they use.

Entertaining the audience is the primary goal of a DJ, and it is impossible without a DJ controller. If you are wondering what this equipment is, well it is a hardware that controls the DJing software. It is a perfect amalgamation of mixer, player, and software. If you are new in this business, opt for the best DJ controller for beginners enlisted below.

Here, we will discuss some of the best beginner DJ controllers out there. Later, you will come to know what factors you must consider while buying this device. Based on this information, you will be able to choose the right DJ controller that best suits your needs. Let’s have a look at the top 15 options first.

Top 15 Best DJ Controllers for Beginners 2020

1. Numark Party Mix DJ Controller Set

Numark has manufactured the lightest built controller that makes a perfect choice for house parties. This portable controller with two decks for Serato DJ is good enough to uplift the mood of the party. You can easily connect this device with a Mac or PC to begin the fun. What makes this party mix run-of-the-mill controller is its electrifying light that builds an ultimate party set up you desire for.

It also features onboard, pro-grade audio interface plus a dedicated 1/8-inch headphone output, and 1/8-inch main output. This feature enables us to seamlessly connect to all kinds of mixers, powered speakers, and audio recorders. This mixer perfectly mixes the songs on request. This model of the DJ controller is sleek and has radiant backlight control.

To make your party memorable for your guests, use this controller to create magic with your fingers. The four pad modes for total control of cue points boosts your performance. Consumers have appreciated the durability, easy usage, and great tech support of this controller.


  • Slim, portable, and durable
  • Robust and stylish
  • Trustworthy Serato DJ Lite included
  • Amazing light patterns in sync with the music
  • Excellent party mix essential features
  • Complete control and enhances performance
  • Compatible to Mac or PC
  • Easy to learn for beginners


  • The product quality is a bit cheap
  • Comes with a limited virtual DJ license

2. Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ200

If you are looking for the best beginner DJ controller, it is wise to opt for a light and compact designed DJ controller, like this one by Pioneer. The specialty of this product is that it stands out in mixing songs and playing your friend’s favorite song requests.

If you are a newbie, you will find this controller conducive, as you can play tracks via PC/Mac/ Smartphone. You also get a free app WeDJ for iPhone for DJing and editing Mix. Learning the technical part is easy and fun. The jog wheels are full-sized and pressure-sensitive for a pro mixing feel, while the central mixer section is essentially a slightly shrunken version, complete with its effects section.

The best part is you can mix music saved in your iTunes or rekordbox library, or stream songs from Beatport LINK, SoundCloud Go+, Deezer, or even Spotify. No doubt, it is a value product that is high in quality, easy to use, and perfect for beginners.


  • Light and compact
  • Switches track seamlessly
  • Can hear the sound through speakers or headphones
  • No license key required to connect with between the software and the controller
  • The transition between tracks made easy for transition FX feature
  • Comes with tutorial and pop-hint features
  • Streaming services can help in mixing sounds
  • Several software programs and apps included


  • Not ideal for professional use
  • Sometimes it is a bit difficult to connect with Wi-Fi or the app

3. Numark DJ2GO2 Touch

To make your party happening, it requires an efficient DJ and a complete DJ controller set. If you want to give a stellar performance at your party, try using this latest technology equipped DJ controller from Numark. The uniqueness of this model is its in-built Serato DJ Lite for Mac & PC, which will be instrumental in learning everything about DJing. You can stream several tracks of varied music genres from leading providers, including SoundCloud and TIDAL.

It is a bit larger in size and it features 8 pads and four pad modes for total-control of cue-points, auto/manual looping, and sample playback. This controller comprises all the essential elements that are needed in a professional device.

The small two decked solutions will help to mix the music easily. Consumers liked the usability, portability, and durability of this device.


  • Portable and compact 2 desk
  • Serato DJ Lite and Virtual DJ included
  • Jog wheels help in blending and scratching
  • USB connectivity
  • Compatible to MAC & PC
  • Boosts your performance
  • Streams several tracks
  • The DJ2GO2 touch can be MIDI mapped
  • Perfect for beginners


  • The software used in the controller could be better
  • Cross-fader sometimes does not work

4. Hercules DJ Control Starlight

This is the best DJ controller for beginners that you must reckon with. There are several reasons to choose this model. First and foremost, it is easy to carry at home or public parties at ease. This further facilitates in mixing the sound at your convenience. They have designed this especially for new entrants in the profession of DJing.

Few other important features are inbuilt Serato DJ Lite, sound card, and light show. The sound card enables to hear music either on speaker or headphone. Whereas, the light show adds a zing to the entire presentation of the sound produced.

The DJ audio interface is a boon to a newcomer because it gives you time to pre-listen the mixed music in the headphone before the final take. The jog wheel helps in scratch with pressure-sensitive control and you can control playback too. The smooth transition between two tracks is possible for the EQ buttons. Buyers love this controller because it is lightweight, value for money, and easy to use.


  • Compact and portable
  • Built-in sound card, DJ audio interface, and light show
  • Perfect for beginners because of the Serato DJ Lite
  • Special elements to scratch and mix
  • RGB backlighting under the controller’s base
  • 2 LED deck lights up by cue point color program
  • Easy usage for beginners


  • Unsatisfactory tech support
    Some complained about crackling sound

5. Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300

If you are aspirant for DJing, then opt for this model from Hercules, as it comes with DJUCED software that will educate you about all the intricacies. The integrated tutorials are very useful in understanding the most happening track recommendations.

The intelligent music assistant is perfect for someone who is learning about music tracks. The dynamic light guides will help you to learn the beat matching. If you are a good listener, you can pick up this skill faster. Just follow the DJ tutorials and master the art of professional DJing.

This is the best DJ controller for beginners that comprises 16 pads and modes. You can use this for sound mixing with various effects. Consumers have appreciated it’s easy to learn, portable, and excellent tech support.


  • Portable and affordable
  • Full DJ software to master basics
  • The music assistant helps with tracks
  • Professional buttons and sliders
  • Enhances energy level in the party
  • The DJUCED software provides interactive help
  • Easy synchronizing of track
  • The light guide helps to learn the moves
  • Easy to learn for beginners


  • Does not have instructions on how to load music
  • Some complained that it did not work with Windows 10 PC

6. Pioneer DJ (DDJ-400)

First-timers are usually inclined towards this complete DJ set to get a complete understanding of the fundamentals. The new tutorial features a rekordbox DJ, which helps to learn about the slightest details about the operation of the controller. The controller layout mirror helps to use cue buttons, Beat FX, CDJ-style looping controls, and more.

There is a mic input circuit that enables creating a clear cut sound. Another interesting aspect of this controller is it can be connected to your PC, and you can hear the mixer using the computer speaker only. The in-built sound card is perfect to connect the controller to the PC powered by the USB cable. All you need to do is to plug in and play the music.

If you are looking for a professional appeal, do use the beat FX feature to match the tempo of the track. This device will create a club environment in no time. Consumers appreciated its unique learning software, portability, and affordability.


  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to use and set-up
  • Includes rekordbox DJ license key
  • In-built sound card
  • Plug and play option via USB cable
  • Beat FX adds a dash of professionalism
  • Clear audio with high input level
  • Compatible with desktop speakers
  • Tutorials ideal for beginners


  • No tech support available
  • Some complained about not being able to use headphone with it

7. Hercules Inpulse 500 DJControl

Performing live is challenging, as it requires years of practice and skills. Hercules Impulse is the right one to assist you so that you can acquire the much-needed skill to perform in front of a live audience. It has the high-resolution jock wheels, and the most convenient ring to use.

This 2-deck USB DJ controller has the perfect audio interface for mixing and inputs. It also features 16 backlit RGB pads, vinyl function, loop in/loop out buttons that will help you to be creative and function better. The two features that make it an extraordinary product is the video tutorials and intelligent music assistant that helps a new entrant to learn the nuances better.

They make this controller with a sturdy metal backing plate on the mixer, rubber RGB pads, non-slip retractable feet. You can easily sync with the track manually, and you can also connect with a microphone to adjust the voice before going live.

The smooth transition of the tracks makes it soothing to the ears. Consumers have appreciated its affordability, easy usage, and a beginner’s controller.


  • 2 deck controller with built-in audio interface
  • Durable and easy to set-up
  • Effects like FX/Filter available in Serato DJ and DJUCED
  • A backup external source can be used for mixing
  • Big jog wheels for touch detection for scratching
  • Retractable feet to lift the controller
  • Can easily connect to a microphone
  • An intelligent music assistant guides you with tracks
  • The adjustable amplitude of the crossfader
  • Built-in light guides ideal for beginners


  • The number of effects could be more

8. Pioneer DJ (DDJSB3)

Pioneer has constructed a durable DJ controller best for beginners. It has a distinctive style like an aluminum jog wheel to give you a professional look and feel. This particular model by Pioneer offers the best jog wheels that have a refined scratch response and precision.

This device is easy to use and the various elements on the layout like play and cue buttons, independent auto loop buttons, and all knobs and fader positions, are completely spaced out for the user to easily reach out for.

This best beginner DJ controller has pad scratch that helps to reproduce new patterns without breaking the rhythm of the music. The FX Fade feature enables easy transition that blends with the music, even when there are two different tunes of varied genres merging together.

However, you need to excel in Serato DJ Lite before proceeding further. Buyers appreciated this easy to use, value product that can be easily carried to different locations.


  • Light, innovative, and portable
  • Input circuit mic with clear audio
  • Easy to connect with PC/Mac via USB to get plug-and-play
  • External sound card not needed
  • Big large jog wheels with perfect scratch response and accuracy
  • 4 FX patterns adds more effect
  • Durable build and professional look
  • Seamless transition with perfect pad scratch
  • Easy to use


  • The quality of the DJ controller could be better
  • Sometimes the sound does not come from the speaker

9. Hercules DJ Starter Kit

It can be a perfect gift for the ones venturing into the new arena of DJing, the reason being that it has everything needed by an amateur to create a wonderful ambiance at a party. This compact, starlight DJ controller has amazing DJMonitor 32 active monitoring speakers with a 7.6 cm woofer that offers the ideal stereo effect.

It features a bass/ filters button to assist you in easy transition or creating extraordinary sound effects, which is the USP of a DJ. The touch-sensitive jog-wheels are good enough to make scratching fun and happening. The best part is that it has one hand controller that proves to be a huge plus while mixing. You can hear the sound mix through your DJ headphone before the final performance.

Hercules has taken care of each aspect that might be essential for a live event. Last, Serato DJ Lite DJ software compatible with PC/ Mac is included in it. Buyers highlighted the easy usage and ideal for beginners as some perks of the product.


  • Compact, light, and portable
  • Includes Serato DJ Lite DJ software, and built-in audio
  • Touch-sensitive jog-wheels to control or pause your playback
  • The Bass/filter button create sound effects and easy transition
  • Clear sound reproduction with dual bass ports
  • DJMonitor 32 active monitoring speakers
  • Large sound ear pads with sound isolation
  • Easy to install


  • Some complained about the damaged speaker wires

10. Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 Bundle

If you are looking for an intuitive, compact DJ controller, then look no further, as this model by Hercules serves the purpose. It comprises DJUCED DJ software and smart music assistant, the two features that will guide you with the entire operation.

The music assistant will help in selecting the track that will match with the energy brimming in the event. This dual decked controller has touch-sensitive jog wheels that create the perfect track that will be loved by your audience. Each deck consists of distinct features like a 2-band EQ, gain control, and a level fader.

The integrated crossfader enables the merging of two music tracks to create magic. The performance pad lights up in 8 colors, along with 4 control modes. It comes with Samson SR360 over-ear dynamic stereo headphones, Y cable, and fibertique microfiber cleaning cloth. Consumers have given good ratings for its portability, easy usage, and value for money.


  • Compact, portable, and easy to learn
  • DJUCED DJ software and smart music assistant perfect for beginners
  • Dual decked, a multicolored performance pad
  • Onboard beatmatch guide with lights available
  • Touch-sensitive jog wheels allow track browsing
  • Light, comfortable over-ear headphones
  • Fibertique microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Perfect for beginners learning to mix and perform


  • It is slightly difficult to operate

11. Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX

This is a four-deck control DJ set that has an in-built Serato DJ Lite and 24-bit audio interface. This innovative controller is compatible with all DJ equipment like microphone inputs, headphone output, RCA output, and mixer 3-band EQ, filter knob, channel faders, and a crossfader.

This super fun, personalized DJ set has all the essential keys to accentuate your live performance. To start mixing the music, use plug and play USB connectivity for Mac and PC. Another aspect that needs to be highlighted here is that it can stream hundreds of tracks ranging from diverse genres through the in-built DJ software.

It has a large 6 inch FX high-resolution jog wheels that make the transition from one track to another completely effortless. Consumers found it easy to use the product with its excellent tech support.


  • Four deck controls with built-in audio interface
  • DJ Serato Lite is trustworthy with a rich feature
  • Mixtrack Platinum FX has all the essentials needed for a pro DJ performance
  • Large jog wheels stop you from skipping a beat
  • Contains all the elements of a personalizes DJ set
  • Streams hundreds of tracks at an event
  • Compatible with all DJ equipment
  • Perfect tech support and value for money


  • Only works on Serato lite and no other software

12. Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200

This is the best DJ controller for beginners with basic features for new users. This DJ controller has some specialized features like tempo and beat align guides that generate the required energy in the party. It consists of DJ academy and full DJ software DJUCED that is a major perk for those ready to learn the nuances of DJing.

The intelligent music assistant further gives you suggestions on the upbeat tracks that are popular among people, and the integrated video offers a step-by-step breakdown on how to operate the device efficiently.

The layout has a professional feel with buttons and sliders placed at a convenient distance to facilitate the new user. The beatmatch guide is all you need to sharpen your skills and a good grip on the fundamentals. You can control the party ambiance from calm to energetic by choosing the tracks accordingly. This product has received appreciation and recommendation from consumers for its easy usage, thickness, and value for money.


  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Perfect for newbie’s learning DJing
  • Excel in beatmatching manually
  • Music Assistant helps in analyzing and suggesting the best track
  • The energy level is controllable, depending on the party ambiance
  • Special tempo and beat align guides
  • Adjustable BPM of each track
  • Beatmatch guide helps you to learn mixing
  • Integrated tutorial videos for new users


  • Lacks some features for a few transitions
  • The quality of the device and its controls can be better

13. Hercules Universal DJ Controller

This product by Hercules is one of a kind. It is a professional level DJ controller that is perfect for a pro DJ, as it comprises excellent applications that give you enough room to be creative. You can easily control the mix, using your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and wireless connectivity.

The DJUCED 40 Degree feature will help you to share the chosen playlist with your guests. In the end, you can ask the guests to vote for their favorite music track. You can track the most voted playlist song in real-time. The DJUCED Master app is the perfect tool that creates loops and FX combos, which will play instrumental in unleashing your creativity.

It comprises multiscreen mode and pads to create excellent mixes, and you can record your mixes that you can share with your folks. It is considered being a value product by consumers for its straightforward software, easy usage, and onboard effects using your smartphone.


  • Compact, versatile, and portable
  • Perfect to display creativity using the DJUCED master app
  • Compatible with all devices like PC, MC, and Androids
  • You can mix using Bluetooth and smartphone
  • Multiscreen mode and pads that create mixes
  • Backlit buttons help you to locate the controls even in the darkness
  • Compatible with MIDI DJing software


  • The controller sometimes makes a hissing sound while using it
  • The sound card needs a little improvement

14. Hercules Compact DJControl

If you intend to buy a controller that takes less space, then this model by Hercules is ideal for you. Its ultra-compact design makes it easy for you to carry from one location to another without hassle. It is in the shape of a laptop that can be carried in the laptop bag or a storage bag easily.

This device is powered by USB, and the detachable cable is included with this product. Mixing and scratching are convenient with this intuitive DJ control. It features 2 mixing decks, 2 jog wheels, 4 modes, pads, and an equalizer per deck. There are 10 control buttons, including the crossfader and shift button.

They have designed this controller effectively to suit the users. It is easy for the user to scratch, navigate seamlessly between two tracks, and create proper effects to draw the attention of the audience. Consumers have credited it’s easy to learn features and value for money.


  • Light, compact, and super portable
  • Can be stored easily
  • Compact mixing and scratcher
  • Party can be started wherever you take this
  • Pads create a dynamic mix
  • You can record the mix and share
  • Filters can help to create your own sound
  • Pitch can be set manually and easy transition
  • Premium quality product, ideal for beginners


  • The selection capability is limited, one at a time
  • Jog wheel can be better

15. Hercules DJ Party Set

This ultra-compact 2 deck controller is a perfect accompaniment anywhere you travel. You only need this device to kick off a party and rock the environment. The Sedato DJ Lite is in-built in this device that can operate on a PC or MAC.

It has inherent audio, master output, and headphone output. The touch-sensitive jog wheel will take you from one track to another with ease. The backlight under the base is excellent, and it lights up with the beat of the music. You can even regulate the lighting using the DJ control.

This set comes with specially designed headphones meant for DJ’s that help you to prepare for the next track. To adhere to the party vibes, they also offer five colorful LED wristbands that light up with every beat of the music. Buyers highlighted the portability, fun learning, and latest technology as some of the perks of the product.


  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Perfect for mixing everywhere and anytime
  • In-built Sedato DJ Lite, compatible to PC & MAC
  • Touch-sensitive jog wheel
  • Bass and Filter knobs available
  • Comfortable headphone with self-isolation feature
  • 5 LED wristbands that light up with each beat
  • Easy to set up


  • The LED wristbands could be better

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best DJ Controller For Beginners

If you are caught up with multiple products from various brands and need clarity of thoughts, then the following section will help you in settling for the ideal DJ controller. Purchasing the best DJ controller for beginners can be slightly tricky. Keep in mind the following factors to ascertain that you are buying the best DJ controller with all the prime features you are looking for.

1. Software

DJ software is a crucial determining factor that will decide your final live performance. The energy amongst the audience depends upon the latest technology software. Software is also important to provide virtual assistance that makes mixing the music a piece of cake.

The transition from one track to another is made convenient with the use of efficient software. Many branded companies have adopted in-built Sedato DJ Lite software that is compatible with PC and MAC.

Even before purchasing a DJ controller, ensure the quality of the software used. It should be compatible with Windows, Androids, and other common platforms. Some controllers come with a trial version of the software that will expire in a few days. Look for a controller that has an inherent software.

2. Connectivity

It is important to know that all DJ controllers are built differently, and they have their specific mode of connectivity. Only buying the best quality DJ controller is not enough, especially for novice learners. You need to pay heed to the DJ software used and the operating system. It should be compatible with your operational laptop.

Your computer’s memory and operating system can limit the kind of DJ controller you can buy. Right before investing, enquire about the connectivity. It should not be like you purchase a DJ controller and find that its in-built software is not cognizant of your laptop or Mac book. Also, look for a plug and play device that gets powered with the USB cable. RCB ports are equally useful, so take a note of it.

3. Features And Functionality

If you are new to DJing, it is vital to look for a few distinct features that will make it easy for you to tread this path. Apart from the basic features, you need certain essential features that will sharpen your skill and master the little nuances of DJing.

Some models of the DJ controller for beginners have interactive videos that can help you learn more about the operation of various tools. If you are new, look for the intelligent music assistant feature that will help in analyzing and suggesting the hottest tracks popular in parties amongst people.

Also, look for controllers that can stream several tracks of varied music genres from leading providers, including SoundCloud and TIDAL. No matter how well a DJ has scratched and mixed the music if the audio quality is bad, nothing is worth it.

Ensure to make a list of all the functional features before purchasing a controller. All the knobs in the device should be functional and not a showpiece.

4. Price

Every model of the DJ controller comes with a varied price tag. The price range varies greatly, depending on the brand. Usually, DJ controller is expensive, but if you are just buying for the learning purpose and you are not planning to keep it for a long time, then you can go for a cheaper version as well. If you want more features, compatibility, and additional accessories to enhance its performance, it will cost you more.

First, you need to do is to decide on your budget before settling for a product. This is an ideal way to save additional expenses, yet satisfy your needs. If you are a new user, don’t set out to purchase a professional DJ controller with multiple features. It is not only expensive but has complex functionalities that may make you feel discouraged. In the beginning, it is better to opt for a controller that is within budget and basic in operation.

Remember, all these key factors before making your final choice of DJ controller. All the above factors will help you get your best DJ controller that can satiate your basic needs and still give your guests an enjoyable experience.

FAQs on DJ Controllers For Beginners

Q1. What Other Things Are Needed To Be A DJ Other Than The DJ Controller?

The other essential items needed are decks, a mixer, headphones, and speakers. Decks play the music, mixers blend it, headphones let you cue, and speakers present it to the audience. Finally, a DJ controller is needed to create the right party vibes at your event.

Q2. Can A DJ Controller Be Used For Beatmatching?

Yes, beatmatching is a technique used by a DJ to align tempo and pieces of music to make a seamless transition of tracks. Conventionally, beatmatching was performed on turntables or CD players using the pitch controls. But now, the DJ controller has taken over the job.

Q3. I Already Have A DJ Mixer. Do I Still Need To Buy A DJ Controller?

A DJ mixer is a mixing suite that uses CDJs, record decks, and an external soundcard to run the software. While a DJ controller is a complete package that features transport control for volume, decks, EQs, and speed. So, the function of a mixer is different from a controller and you must buy a controller even if you have a mixer.

Q4. What Are Some Of The Best Brands That Create DJ Controllers?

In this guide, we have already mentioned some of the best DJ controllers from reputed brands. Some of the most brand names in the industry include Numark, Hercules, Pioneer, Roland, and Denon.

Hit The Right Beat With An Excellent DJ Controller For Beginners

This article sums up the nitty-gritty involved in choosing the best DJ controller for beginners. The device offers a premium quality sound by hitting the perfect musical note. It is an absolute necessity for an aspirant DJ or a seasoned player. If you want to make a party vibrant and electrifying, choosing a good quality controller is imperative.

In the article, we have analyzed and discussed the features of some of the best products available in the market from the widely acknowledged brands. Keep an eye for the buyer’s reviews and important factors mentioned above to make an informed decision. The information provided in this article will answer all the possible questions in your mind.

Make sure to read the vital guidelines in this article for your understanding to make the party fun and entertaining. Hopefully, this guide helps you in your decision making.

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