Best DJ Equipment 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Pioneer

2.  Pioneer

3. Numark

There isn’t a single person who doesn’t love music. Yes, everyone’s taste in the music might not be the same, but they can’t resist themselves when they hear a tune played in the vicinity. Similarly, people who love rock music or blasting tunes cannot resist going to an event or a concert with a DJ.

Djing is becoming one of the fastest-growing sectors in the music industry. And to appreciate this love of music, several companies are designing the best DJ equipment for the professionals and the beginners.

Since there are so many different equipment types in the market, we will walk you through the top equipment pieces of 2020. The buying guide will further help you with your choice, not leaving room for a mistake. And finally, the FAQ section is going to answer all the unanswered questions. But before heading further, let’s explore the top 8 DJ equipment.

Top 8 Best DJ Equipments 2020

1. Pioneer DDJ-400

If you are planning to start off your djing journey, then you would need equipment that will help you in mastering this art with ease. The right set of equipment can create a lot of different, and this product from our list is perfect for beginners. The Pioneer DDJ controller is one of the best types of equipment for beginners who can yet master their control over DJing.

With almost every assort of basic features, this particular DJ controller has gained quite a lot of popularity in recent years. The features are compact and well-designed, which will make the operation easier and smoother.

This best DJ equipment for beginners runs on the software, specifically designed by Pioneer, and is one of their best software designs to date. Three different EQ bands will help you to learn about DJing effectively without fail.

Even though this basic controller equipment from Pioneer doesn’t have all the features that of a pro controller, these will at least allow you to sharpen your skills and master the operation of a complete DJ package. Here are the features of the Pioneer DDJ 400 controller:


The mixer has three EQ band channels, which can be operated separately with the help of an individual knob. These are used for trimming. Each of the equalizers of this equipment comes with its own filter. It will help you control the mixing and equalizing of various audio frequencies. There are separate crossfaders and channel faders right at the bottom of the mixer.

The crossfader of this DJ controller will allow you to level the audio frequencies and control the fading-in and out of the sound signals. On the other hand, the channel faders will allow you to adjust the resistance to smoothen the frequencies’ curves.

There are three meters for the three different EQ channels, which will allow you to monitor the bad sound clipping and danger zone of the mixing process.


This equipment comes with a full license for the software Rekordbox DJ. It is one of the best platforms for mixing different audio signals, introducing several changes and animations, and then producing the best audio outputs for the DJ event.

It is cloud-based software, which will allow you to connect the controller with your cloud network. The software library is easily manageable, and hence, you won’t have to face any kind of unnecessary problems.

It allows you to control the video and the lyrics at the same time without overlapping them. Moreover, Pioneer regularly updates it, thereby ensuring that you get the best version.

The sequencer will also help you set the timer on the audio clips you want to play. It also has other features like DVS control, detection of vocal position, and the RMX effects.

Jog Wheels

The jog wheels are used to control the audio or the video at the time of dJing. With this knob, you will be able to shuffle amongst the audio files which are to be played. In the Pioneer DDJ 400 controller, the jog wheel has a rubber rim, which provides a lot of resistance at the time of operation.

It is similar to other DDJ-RB, but they are highly responsive. This ensures that you don’t shuffle amongst the audio files at superhuman speed. Also, it has a capacitive touch, which means that once you touch the top surface, the controller will stop sampling the audio files.

FX Section

The FX section is present right in the middle of the pioneer DJ equipment, which makes it easier for beginners to control the reverb effects on the audio clips that are being played. Also, the entire FX section has several types, which will allow you to change your audio tunes and generate the necessary effects to increase the party’s vigor.

Looping Controls

If you want to master your looping control, the DDJ 400 Pioneer equipment is the best choice. Both the CDJ and the XDJ decks now have more features for controlling the audio files’ loops. The decks will now allow you to half or double the audio loop lengths as per your convenience. You can also set the time gap between the loops more correctly without overlaps between the repeated clips.

I/O Connections

For the input section, you will be able to connect the DJ controller either with a USB device or with your computer via the built-in soundcard. You can connect your DJ headphone for the output devices as there is a separate audio jack for the same.

This is the perfect djing equipment that is loaded with tons of features. Also, it is light in weight and has a sturdy built. If you are looking for entry-level djing equipment that will help you master this art, then this is the perfect equipment to start your journey.


  • Software is compatible with both Mac and Windows
  • The package has the Rekordbox license key
  • The design is portable and has a club-style layout
  • Audio mixes can be played on a personal device


  • Lacks the pro-functions of a controller
  • Limited space on the mixer section
  • The deficit of the master tempo knob

2. Pioneer Pro DDJ 1000

Pioneer has been lauded in recent years, thanks to their varied DJ types of equipment, controllers, and individual mixers. They have always upgraded one or many parts every time they have introduced a new DJ controller or mixer, be it the looping control, the channel faders, or the EQ bands.

The Pioneer DDJ 1000 is one of their best creations to date. It has a four-channel mechanism that gives the DJ supreme control over the events, no matter where he is playing the controller. The design is made in a way where it can meet the demands of both the beginners and the pro players, but more of the professionals.

With the impeccable features, this DJ equipment will allow you to mix different audio clips with precision, add multiple FX effects, use the crossfaders, and the channel faders perfectly, have more accuracy over the looping controls, and so on.

Since the DJ controller comes with all these features, let’s see these in a detailed and descriptive manner.


In the DDJ 1000 controller, the mixer has a four-channel design, where each channel has its own distinct 3-band EQ setup. To give better control to the professional, Pioneer has designed a separate knob for each channel and a channel meter, which will allow you to control the various audio levels when mixing the frequencies.

There are four color knobs right below the EQ knobs, which will allow you to add the color FX to each EQ channel at the time of onboard audio mixing. Just below the color knobs are the channel faders and the crossfader.

Each channel has its separate crossfader, which you can switch and combine to have more control over your mixing techniques. These crossfaders are quite improved, and their handling capacity has been increased to nearly ten million frequency movements.

Here, you will also find the sampler, the microphone input, and the cue controls- all on the left side of the mixer. The two different microphone inputs come with a 2-band EQ, which makes the mixing more precise.

The sampler will give you a preview of the mixing that you have planned out. The best part is that you can easily listen to the previous via your headphones without any other connection.

Looping Control

The looping controls are excellent, just like all the other features. Here, you will have the primary controls sitting right at the top of the jog wheels. Using these controls, you will present the desired loop length of any audio track, and then change its length as per your party plan. There is a shift button on the deck using which you can open up two more looping control options- the Loop adjust and the Reloop.


Pioneer has implemented the RetroBox software in the DDJ 1000 controller. It is one of the best DJ software designs present in the market. With its amazing features, the software allows you to store all the audio clips on a cloud network so that you can access it from anywhere. Also, it comes with many other features like FX control, video and audio clipping features, and so on. With RetroBox, DJing will never be boring again.

Jog Wheels

This particular Pioneer controller has the most amazing jog wheel design, which gives professionals an excellent control over the shuffling between the audio clips. It has an amazing size, which provides the maximum grip at the time of shuffling. It comes with a mechanical resistance instead of a capacitive one, which will give you full control over the scratching DJ.

There is an LCD screen on each of the jog wheels, and each of the LCD screens has a customizable backlight. These screens will reflect all the necessary information like waveform, playback position, BPM, and loop points.

Performance Pads

The DDJ1000 has 8 performance pad per deck. The performance pads in the DDJ 1000 have four basic modes which can be used to gain a precision over the playing of the audio clips. These four pad modes are:

The first mode paves the way for the Hot Cue, a technique of establishing a point in a track to which you can jump to an instant.

The second mode is the FX pad mode, which is connected to the RetroBox software.

The beat jump mode is the third option, which will allow you to skip over certain beats in a track while still not giving away the transition.

Lastly, the fourth pad is connected to a sampler bank, which will allow you to store the samples.

I/O Connectivity Options

This particular Pioneer DJ controller has a variety of different I/O connectivity options, having rooms for different cable inputs and outputs. You will have an RCA and XLR master output connection in the output section, a balanced TRS booth output, and two output connections for a ¼ and 1/8-inch headphone.

There is a combined connection of TRS and XLR combo with a ¼ inch microphone, a four different RCA line input, and two USB inputs in the input section.

Overall, it’s a great product that comes loaded with a bundle of features that makes it useful for professional DJ players.


  • The layout has a clubbing feel
  • Magvel crossfader gives you an option of ten million movements
  • Various hardware FX to allow more effects
  • Sampler for getting a previous on the audio mixes


  • Can be a little high on the budget list as compared to several other pro DJ controller equipment

3. Numark Party Mix

DJing is one of the fastest-growing music industries across the entire world, thanks to the thrill it brings in every party or concert. However, to be a DJ, one needs to have the correct equipment, which comes in an overall package or the DJ controller.

Many companies have designed some amazing controller decks, starting from Pioneer to Denon. But, Numark has always stolen the limelight with its amazing features and the industry’s first creations.

Numark Party DJ controller is one of the best creations to date that the DJs have ever seen. With amazing controls and features, this particular equipment can bring the perfect glory and thrill in any kind of party, be it a concert, a club party, or any other type of event.

It is perfect for those at the amateur level and wants to learn how to establish a perfect rhythm and excitement.

So, let’s look into its features that have made this a perfect controller for the entry-level DJs.


This party controller has only two channels with 2-band EQs. Each channel has its trim knob along with the channel faders. The crossfader will allow you to switch between the channels easily without much effort. With the two-band EQs, you will be able to control the treble and the bass of the audio tracks at the mixing time. As a result, manipulation of the frequencies will be easier.

The mixer has two different gain controls- one for controlling the volume amplification of individual mixing channels and the other for controlling the resultant output’s amplification. There are two different buttons for browsing through your audio library and for loading the tracks on different decks as per the requirement.

There are two separate buttons for Cue Gain and Cue Mix. Both these buttons will allow you to hear the mix on your headphones, with adjusted volumes and the mixes.


Numrak gives you access to a versatile software, Serato, that helps you create mix, loop, and add effects to make your music much more alluring. It is one of the best software platforms for the DJ controllers, and hence it is very much compatible with the Numark’s party mix controller.

It is globally-recommended software and hence is quite reliable. The controller comes with the Serato Lite license, which is the basic version of the software. It will allow you four cue points and four sample players.

However, if you want to explore more features, you can easily get the license for the Serato DJ Pro. The latter software version comes with various features, starting with thirty-two sample player, record player, key analysis, a slicer, beat jump mode, slip mode, and so on.

The best part of the Serato software is that you can easily integrate it with the Soundcloud and Tidal software, which will give you more memory for storing your library audio files.

Performance Pads

The performance pads have eight folds, each having four different modes. The first mode is for introducing the FX effects into your audio clips. The next pad mode is for adding the cues to the clips. A built-in looping section will allow you to add eight beats per loop at the maximum. Lastly, you will have a sampler mode in the performance pads.

Pitching Fader

The pitch faders aren’t that great in this budget-controlled DJ equipment. But, yes, they come with the separate built-in Sync function, which will automatically match the beats per minute between two songs synced.
Looping Control

To make you familiar with the entire concept of audio transitions in dJing, the controller comes with some basic looping controllers. Here, you can loop eight beats simultaneously, thereby buying yourself some time to perfect your audio transitions.

Connectivity Options

There are no input connections in this DJ controller, which is a bit saddening. But yes, the RCA master output connection and the 1/8-inch headphone output port are enough to allow the beginners to get started with their DJing.

FX Section

For an amateur level DJ, the controller is surely giving you amazing options in the form of four different FX setups. Among these four are the flanger and phaser FX, which will bring in more variations in the audio tracks at the time of transition.

Party Integrated Lights

One of the notable features of this DJ controller is that it is LED-light enabled. This feature is one feature that you wouldn’t get in any other budget-controlled DJ equipment.

There are three integrated coloring lights located at the back panel. These lights can be switched on differently s per your desires at the time of mixing, thereby allowing you to set up the DJ party’s perfect ambiance.

This is a budgeted and good DJ controller that comes with decent features; hence you can invest in this DJ controller.


  • The back panel has three integrated party lights
  • Perfect for beginners running tight on budget
  • Comes with a built-in license for Serato Lite software


  • Jog wheels aren’t great
  • Only two band EQs are present

4. Denon DJ MC7000

The tune of the DJ is as good as the DJ controller that they possess. Among the different options that we have, Denon has made a strong market position as a prominent DJ digital controller maker. The company engineers ensure that their designs can bring in more precision and control over the entire process of DJing.

This is why their recent creation, the MC7000 controller, comes with an extensive range of settings and features which will make your DJ experience quite memorable. This equipment has different software implemented in the entire design rather than single software. It allows the DJs to use the equipment in different ways for any setup, not only parties or large events.

Here we have described the popular features of this DJ equipment, which can never miss!


The first thing that will catch the eye of any DJ is the mixer. The MC7000 comes with four channels. It allows you to gain precision over your mixing in the most amicable manner. Each of these channels is supported by 3-band EQs with their trim knob and channel level meters to keep the sound in check.

Both the channel and the crossfaders are excellent in their built and functioning, which will allow you to create the perfect fade-in and fade-out at the time of transitions. Apart from this, there is a separate knob for each channel, the gain knob, which will help you control the sound amplification on each channel.

Above the faders is a high-low filter pass knob, which will help you, cut off frequencies that you don’t want in your mixed track completely? It contains a mix of high pass filter and low pass filter- a perfect balance to allow only the desired frequencies to be present in the master output. The sampler knob will allow you to control the mixes during your preparations.

This DJ controller offers multiple connectivity options. You can easily connect it with a mobile or mic. Moreover, its sleek design and excellent control make it every DJ’s favorite.


Serato is the master software that is used in this Devon MC7000 DJ controller. The equipment has got four mixes of the Serato software, which gives a DJ the perfect opportunity to transform the DJ setup as per the requirement. Here are the four main software platforms that are present in MC7000:

It is loaded with the built-in Serato Pro software, which provides thirty-two sampling players and eight cue options.

Serato flip software will allow you to transform your mixes completely either by extending or shortening the clips, reversing the audio, etc.

Serato Pitch n Time software allows you to sync the different audio without any external hardware. Also, you will gain precision over your beats and matching audios at the time of the mix.

Serato Video will help you manipulate any kind of visual that you want to play at the time of your audio mixing.

Jog Wheels

The jog wheels are the most attractive part of the entire controller deck. The jog wheels of this DJ controller is similar to that of Pioneer DJ-RX. These are thick and highly responsive. The wheels on both sides have quite a nice resistance, which will allow you to control the playing of the mixes.

Even though the wheels will offer you resistance, they are loose enough to use the wheels’ scratching. If you take a careful look, you will find that the wheels contain a LED pointer, which will allow you to understand the last position of the wheel.

Looping Control

all the looping controls can be adjusted using the performance pad modes. There are options for auto loops, saved loops, slicer loops, and so on. You can adjust the length of the loops easily, either by shortening it or lengthening the lengths.

I/O Connections

one of the best features of the Denon DJ controller is that the entire equipment has a lot of I/O connectivity ports- five on the output side and four on the input side.

The output controls are the RCA and XLR master output, XLR booth output, and ¼ and 1/8 inches headphone outputs.

The input section has two USB input ports, four RCA line inputs, and the TRS/XLR microphone input.

Performance Pads

Each deck on the MC7000 controller has eight backlit performance pad buttons per deck. It gives the user more control over the sampling library and the loop features. Four different mode buttons are present right on top of the pad buttons. Each deck has 10 pad modes, and they are roll, sampler, cue loop, cue, slicer loop, cue loop, velocity sampler, Serato flip, and pitch Play.

Pitch Faders

if you want to sync two different audio tracks and want to match the beats per minute perfectly, the pitch faders will help you in doing the job excellently.

You can even lock the fader key when changing the tempo so that the first and secondary harmonics don’t change their positions. The pitch bend buttons will help you adjust the speed of the track externally without using the software.


  • Multiple software integration, all from Serato
  • The amazing build of the chassis
  • Jog wheels have excellent features with slip and vinyl modes
  • Built-in sampler library


  • Not very much compatible with VDJ

5. Numark NS6II 

The search for the best DJ equipment ends with the NS6II, which is the successor of the iconic NS6. The brand has been in the business of making DJ equipment and accessories for around 40 years. This is an iconic 4-channel mixer equipment that comes in a sleek design and helpful features.

The NS6II is one of their latest inventions, and it is the best creation to date. It has got some excellent features that will make your DJing more proficient and perfect. Here are some of the features that you can certainly enjoy with this new controller version.


NS6II consists of a four-channel mixer that supports Serato DVS, double USB inputs. Each channel is accompanied by a gain knob to control the volume amplification, level meter to keep the audio in control, and a high-low pass filter knob for cutting off the undesired frequencies right on the spot.

There is a capacitive knob on each channel, which will help you control the audio frequencies with a single touch. Above the entire section, there is a master level screen, which will help you keep the final mix.

Four different cue options are there right above the crossfader that will help you to connect each channel with your headphone.

Right at the top of the mixer is the library deck, which lets you shuffle between the audio tracks that are stored in it. Four load buttons are there, which will allow you to load particular audio on a specified channel. There are master volume control and booth control on either side that allow you to bring accuracy in your mixes right beside this library control section.


NS6II comes with a full version of Serato software. With the pro version, you will have full control of your software features, starting with a flip to audio and even the visuals. The pro version offers eight cue points and thirty-two different sampling plays. The Serato software is connected to Soundcloud that will allow you to store different audio tracks easily for remote access.

Jog Wheels

The two decks consist of two six-inch resistive jog wheels that come with an LCD display. It helps you keep track of the records which are playing. Also, it allows you to have better control of your mixes in the best possible manner.

On the LCD screen of the jog wheels, you can see beats per minute value, the track length, the loop length, and much other valuable information that will save you a lot of time from looking into the laptop. Right above the wheels, there is a touch strip using which you will be able to jump to any section of the track without altering the tempo or the harmonics.

FX Control

On each deck, there are three active FX settings, each of which can be connected to multiple channels at a time. To control the FX, you have the dedicated knob right on top of each FX button.

Performance Pads

Both the decks have eight different Led backlit buttons, which will allow you to control the DJ mixes and the loops in the best possible manner. Five different control modes will give you the ultimate controls over your loops. Here are the functional descriptions of the five modes which you can use for the perfect DJing.

Cue Mode

This is the first mode, and you can create hot cues on any track you are playing.

Auto Mode

This mode will allow you to declare the beats per loop automatically based on how hard you are pressing the pad button. The number of beats ranges from 1/8th to 16 a loop.

Loop Mode

It enables you to declare the start and endpoints of the loop, the correct loop length, and even the file where you want to save it.

Sampler Mode

In the sampler mode, you will have access to your software library to play any kind of preset sample.

Slicer Loop

using the slice mode, you will easily slice any unwanted frequency from the current audio.

Pitch Fader

The pitch faders allow you to precisely match the beats per minute of two audio tracks, which are in perfect synchronization. A locking key is present above each pitch fader. This knob will allow you to lock the tracks’ harmonics so that they don’t change at the changing of the audio tempo. You will also have an LED light indicator that will tell you about your neutral position at 0% pitch.

I/O Ports

You will find a professional level connection option in here. It has options between an unbalanced RCA connection and a balanced XLR choice. Thus giving you the leverage to choose from the different speakers that you can easily connect with this controller.

It has two USB ports, two RCA line inputs, and two ports for ¼ inch microphone for the input ports. As for the outputs, you have the RCA/XLR master output ports, the RCA booth output port, and two ports for ¼ inches and 1/8 inch headphones, respectively.

Overall, it’s a great purchase if you are looking for the best experience of Djing.


  • Slip and vinyl mode in the jog wheels
  • Four-channel mixing with a gain knob
  • The master level screen on the mixer
  • Multiple port options for hardware connectivity


  • The smaller and clumsier EQ control section
  • Strip search wouldn’t be compatible with virtual DJ

6. Denon DJ MC4000

Looking for the best DJ controller equipment, equipped with all the major features that are going to make your djing experience an amazing one, then this is the product for you. Backed by the credibility of a name like Denon, this DJ controller is stylish and sleek. It comes with a series of impeccable features that are non-ignorable. This is why here we will be studying those amazing features in-depth.


The mixer comes with a separate 3-band EQ controller. The EQ controller comes with Gain and Filter that allows you to have better control of your track. You can locate the browse and load function at the top of the controller.


It comes with an in-built Serato DJ intro software- a globally recognized platform that has become popular because of its impeccable features. However, you need to unlock the pro version to access the impeccable features. Denon gives you a coupon code that will help you access the pro version at a budgeted price.

Jog Wheels

These are solid and gives you better control over the tracks. The jog wheels are sensitive and allow track skimming with ease.

Performance Pad

If you will have a look at the controller, then it appears that it has 8 performance pads, but actually, it is 4 performance pad. The 4 pads at the bottom are transport pads. These are used for play, sync, cue, and shift.

I/O Connectivity Ports

This controller aims at mobile DJs, so it offers a good number of input and output connectivity. It comes with 2 mic inputs with EQ and volume controls for each. There are an XLR and RCA and booth output. The RCA aux input for the backup sound source, like the iPhone, two headphone outputs of 3.5mm and 6.5mm.

FX Section

On both the decks, there are three active FX active buttons. Each button has a dedicated knob, which will allow you to change the intensity of the effects in the tracks. You can locate the library section in the center at the top. It lets you easily switch between different Serato’s panels. It lets you scroll through the list and load tracks without any need to touch the laptop.

MC4000 also has spate volume knobs for Booth, Master, and Aux output.
To sum up the review on DJ MC 4000, we can conclude that it’s a great setup for mobile DJ’s with enough features, input, and output connectivity. The sensitive ad solid jog wheels give makes djing easy. It’s the perfect equipment for modern professional DJs.


  • Long-pitch faders
  • Have impeccable features for mobile DJs
  • A wide selection of connection option


  • Only 4 performance pads
  • One needs to update the software to the pro version

7. Pioneer XDJ-RX2 DJ Controller

One of the leading brands of the entire DJ controller market is the Pioneer. It has introduced some amazing equipment types, both for the beginners and the pro players. The controller, which we will be reviewing now, is made solely for people who want to uplift their DJ skills by another notch.

The XDJ RX2 is the beacon of features, be it the 3-band EQ mixtures or the vinyl and slip mode jog wheels. No matter which particular component we are talking about, it is loaded with some excellent features that would only make your DJing experience subtler and memorable.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at the most impeccable features of the RX2 controller from Pioneer.


Two channels Rekordbox controller. Each channel having a 3-band EQ system. Each channel has a level meter and a trim knob for giving the DJ the ultimate control on the audio tracks that are to be mixed. There is a knob for the master to gain control, which will allow you to control the volume amplification of the final mix. There are two-channel faders and crossfaders.

You can find a cue button on the top of the fader to send audio to headphones. Crossfader curve lies between two-channel faders.

Along with this, you will find the master level meter, which will help you to keep the mixed audio frequencies out of the danger zone. To transfer the audio to your headphone and control its volume, you will have the cue mix and the cue gain knob, respectively, for each channel. Lastly, there is a booth gain master control knob on the mixer panel.


With this controller, you will get the complete version of the rekordbox software- the leading platform that Pioneer trusts the most than anything else. You can use the RekordBox software with any kind of DJ setup for importing and exporting the tracks easily between the controller and the rest of the hardware devices.

The software has a fast response time, which is a life savior at big events or concerts where the timing of the tracks and mixes is everything. It is connected to Soundcloud and Tidal, where you will easily store the tracks or the samples without much hindrance.

Jog Wheels

The jog wheels are easy to operate, thus making the XDJ-RX2 the best DJ equipment. It can operate both in the vinyl and the slip mode. The low resistance of the wheel helps the DJs who want to play in the scratch style.

The wheels have a capacitive touch response that glows under your touch, and the LED illuminated strip shows you the track’s position at the time of playing. There is a censor option right above the jog wheel, which will allow you to loop a certain audio part in case you want to cut down a certain section for the censorship issue.

FX Controls

The sound color FX will open up to the common settings in the mixer panel like noise, echo dubbing, filters, and even the sweep. The Beat FX control will give access to another eight different FX setting options, which you can use to prepare the perfect mix for the DJ party or the concert.

Performance Pad

Even though the controller can outsmart other Pioneer designs by many other features, the performance pad isn’t that much developed. It has eight buttons like other pro equipment designs on each deck, but the loop controls and other controls aren’t included in the best possible way. There are four pad modes, namely the hot cue mode, beat loop, slip jump, and the beat jump.

I/O Connectivity Ports

Any good DJ controller comes with a good connectivity option, and this DJ controller is no different. It has amazing input-output ports present on the front and back panels. You will have the TRS/XLR combo microphone port, four RCS line input ports, and two separate ports for the USB connection in the input section.

As for the outputs, you will have the TRS booth output port, two headphone ports, and an RCA/XLR master output port.

Pitch Faders

There are many features in the pitch faders, which makes it the best DJ equipment for beginners and pro players. The long faders will help you fine-tune the tracks’ tempo, thereby making it possible for you to match the beats only by hearing through your headphone.

There is a master tempo knob, which will allow you to lock the harmonics without restricting the change in the tempo speed. Another master knob is there to set any of the two channels as the main BPM level.


  • Seven-inch color screen for control
  • Full RetroBox version available
  • Capacitive jog wheels
  • Beat FX has eight different modes


  • Features could have been a bit more unique
  • Performance panel modes are not commendable

8. Denon DJ Prime 4

This is one of the most amazing DJ controller equipment types designed to date. It is loaded with several features that you will hardly get anywhere, especially in other Denon controllers. So, let’s explore some of the key features which this discover what the company has stored in for the DJs rather than wasting any time.


It has a four-channel mixer where each channel is equipped with its 3-Band EQ, gain controls, channel level meters, high-low filter pass modes, and cue mix and cue gain knob. The channel level meters will allow you to keep an eye on the audio levels running on each channel. The cue mix will help you play the track on your headphone while the cue gain knob controls the volume.

There is a section of navigation control for library browsing and loading the tracks on the dedicated channels. The best part about this mixer is the replaceable crossfaders. A master gain knob and a master level screen are present in the middle of the mixture panel.

Jog Wheels

The main thing that makes DJ Prime 4 the best DJ controller is its jog wheels, present on both the decks and have a six-inch-long diameter. Right at the center, there is a small LED glowing circular place where the loop length and the track name are being displayed.

The capacitive touch can change the color of this lit portion on the jog wheels. You can operate it on both the slip and the vinyl mode, thereby giving the DJs a wide option for any event setup. Apart from this, there are two separate buttons for censor and standard full reverse, which gives you supreme control over the tracks to be played.


The software plays a key role in defining the proficiency of the DJ equipment. But in the case of this DJ controller, you might feel elated by the software. This is where the controller has failed to amaze the DJ players since it doesn’t run on any popular software. Even though it is not as popular and renowned as the Serato or the RekordBox, it still offers mind-blowing features.

With this software, you can set cue points, control the loops, bring in sync for the BPM, organize and shuffle between the tracks, and do other necessary work.

Performance Pad

Eight different LED-backlit performance keys are present on each deck of the DJ controller. Here, you will have four different performance modes, which are the slicer, roll, hot cue, and loop functions. The only thing that is not present here is the sampler option on the performance pad.

I/O Connections

A good DJ controller is defined by its connectivity. Denon Prime 4 has got some amazing input-output options in the form of varying ports, which will help you to set up the equipment with a long list of diverse hardware appliances, starting with the booth speakers as the output to the RCA headphones as the input.

For the output ports, you have the XLR booth out, RCA/XLR master out, and two headphone ports for ¼ and 1/8 inch connections. In the input section, there are four ports for the USB, four RCA line inputs, and a combination of TRS/XLP microphone double inputs.

Pitch Faders

The long pitch faders allow you to easily match the beats per minute by hearing the tracks accurately. The lock key and the Sync key are available on the panel. The lock key will allow you to lock the harmonics so that you won’t have any restrictions on changing the tempo.

This is a powerful and standalone DJ controller. You don’t need a laptop for this. This is a pro DJ controller that is going to keep you ahead of others. It comes loaded with features and sensitive control that makes djing a sheer bliss.


  • A 10-inch display screen
  • Four different deck options
  • Multiple I/O options
  • Four-channel mixer with master controls


  • Engine Prime platform isn’t the best for such a feature-loaded controller

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best DJ Equipment In 2020

Choosing the perfect DJing equipment isn’t an easy job, especially there are so many options out there. So, we have curated this list of factors that will help you make the right decision while shortlisting and buying the DJ equipment.

1. Software

Amongst the different features, you must not ignore the software of the DJ equipment. Different types of software platforms are being integrated into the DJ controllers. Each of these platforms has its own set of features, which again depend on the pro or the basic version. If you want to learn DJing, we would say it’s best to go with the basic version because once you master it, then you can upgrade the software anytime.

But if you are already a pro and want to upgrade yourself, we would suggest going with the pro versions. Also, you need to be familiar with the software platform. For example, if you feel comfortable with Serato, choosing the RetroBox will simply be a waste of time and money.

2. Mixer

It is an integral part of DJ equipment that allows you to add more effects and tricks to it. The mixer allows seamless transitioning from one record to another. Every controller comes with a mixer panel which consists of a certain number of channels. These channels play the audio files individually, helping you create the mix for playing in the event. The most advanced one is the 4-channel mixer.

More the number of panels more will be your precision of the mix. But to handle the four-channel mixer, you need to be a pro and control all the individual features, starting with the trim knob to the filter knobs or the cue mix knob.

3. Performance Modes

Each controller comes with a certain mode number on the performance pad deck. These modes allow you to access the loops, the sampler library, the slicer, and the hot cue points. However, the modes aren’t the same in all the controllers. Some might have all the modes except that of the slicer, while some might not have access to the sampler library.

So, when choosing the equipment, you need to be certain about the modes you want to have for your DJing events.

4. Jog Wheel Nature

The jog wheels are very important to consider since it connects the output with the mixer section. Sometimes, the jog wheels aren’t that much developed and simply contain very few features. These types of wheels are perfect only for beginners. But for the pro players, you need a controller with advanced jog wheels having resistive touch, both the vinyl and the slip mode, and other necessary features.

Suppose you want to avoid repeatedly looking into your laptop to knowing the various track information. In that case, you can look for controllers whose jog wheels have a central screen showing all the valuable information pieces which you need to know.

5. Hardware Connection

One of the key factors that you should not miss is to check the input and output connection. If you are looking for varied hardware connections, you need the controllers having different kinds of ports like RCA master out, booth outs, RCA line inputs, and so on.

But, if you are just learning by yourself, a few I/O ports will be enough for speaker output, headphone input or output, and the USB inputs.

6. Budget

The final nail on the coffin is the price of the controller or the DJ equipment. If you are running low on price, you need to look for the budget-controlled types. But, if you want nothing but excellent features and don’t care about the dollars you need to spend, you can choose any kind of equipment piece.

FAQs on DJ Equipment

Q1. How To Set Hot Cues In The Tracks?

The best way to set the hot cues in your track is by using the cue mode in the performance pad on either of the two decks.

Q2. What Is The Use Of The High-Low Pass Filter Knob In The Mixture?

Some controllers have the high-pass and low-pass filter knobs for the dedicated channels. These filters are used to cut-off a certain part of the audio frequency completely without leaving any residual frequency in the tracks at the time of mixing.

Q3. Are The Four-Channel Mixer Controllers The Best?

The quality of the controllers cannot be judged single-handedly with the channel number in the mixer. A four-channel mixer might give a DJ more control over the tracks’ mixing, but it doesn’t mean that the controller tops the other points.

Q4. What Type Of Jog Wheel Do I Need For Scratching?

If you want to practice scratching tracks, you need a vinyl mode jog wheel with a loose-fitting so that you can move the wheel without much resistance.

Q5. Do I Need A Long Pitch Fader?

Yes, if you want to match the beats per minute of two different audio files only by hearing, you need the long pitch faders. These faders provide more accuracy and precision over the BPM matching.

Q6. Are The Slicer And The Sampler The Same?

No, the slicer and the sampler modes aren’t the same. The slicer cuts off a certain part of the audio track, but the sampler mode allows you to access the library’s preset samples.

Choose The Best DJ Equipment Now!

With the help of this article’s information, you now know about the top eight equipment types that are raging the DJ industry market. Also, the additional buying guide’s presence is a perfect help that will direct you to make a perfect choice. With this, you will choose the equipment that suits your taste and meet all your requirements.

Here, we have mentioned various equipment types; some are perfect for beginner DJs, while others are more appropriate for the professionals. A few of them can be bought on a strict budget while others might put a dent in your pocket.

You can also find standalone DJ equipment that makes them easy to use. The pricing of such equipment may be on a higher side. But regardless of the cost and other factors, getting to learn about all the DJ equipment features has been fun and daunting.

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