Best DJ Gifts 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Broadway Gift

2. Spooboola

3. Bruce Lee

DJs are the people responsible for rocking your party or functions. They introduce fun and frolic in any event they step into. So, if you are a friend of a DJ or you are dating any DJ and you want to surprise them with some amazing gift, then you need to think and do some research about this idea.

Being a DJ person, their passion is somewhat different from crowd, so gifting them something relevant with their passion requires some homework on your part. So finding equipment that makes a best DJ gift can be little tricky and confusing.

As festival season is approaching very fast, we have gathered some fun and cool gift ideas that you might like to gift your DJ friend to surprise him in this festival season.

These creative and thoughtful gift ideas are carefully selected keeping in mind their passion and area of interest without burning a hole in your pocket. So without wasting any time further, lets quickly jump onto top 10 best DJ gift mentioned below.

Top 10 Best DJ Gifts 2020

1. Broadway Gift Disc Jockey

If you are searching for the best DJ gifts within a reasonable price range then have a look at this Disc Jockey Metal Figurine 6” from Broadway Gift; you will be surprised to know that this cool decorative item is just under $30.

Needless to say that this musical instrument miniature is going to add tremendous aesthetic value to your DJ friend’s room. This figurine is made of sturdy metal and looks like a disk jockey is playing some tracks and having fun.

It measures 6×2 inches approximately, and will perfectly fit any DJ setup. The manufacturer ensures to ship the product in a topnotch premium packaging with a robust protective case in order to keep it safe during transportation.

This Disc Jockey Metal Figurine comes from Broadway Gift, a reputable brand known for premium quality gift products since 1990. Their range of products includes a vast variety of high-quality giftware and souvenir.

You can present this marvelous miniature to a disc jockey or one who wants to be a disc jockey and this will be the coolest gift they have ever got!


  • High-quality product
  • Durable metal construction
  • Gorgeous chrome-colored figurine
  • Ideal for any DJ settings
  • Affordable pricing


  • Available in a single color only

2. Spooboola DJ

Are you looking for something for your DJ friend that will take his stage environment to a whole new level of excitement? This DJ and Disco Stage Party Lights from SPOOBOOLA can be perfect for you in that case. Ideal for any settings, including ballrooms, disco, family gathering, hotel, bar, concerts, and more, these stage lights are capable of making any situation colorful and happening.

It features two changeable colors- green and red, and one can use the lights either in a single color option or mix the colors to create different effects.

The lights work in three different modes – auto, flash, and sound activated. In auto setting the light changes its colors automatically without any user input, whereas in the flash mode it creates a dazzling flash effect by making colors come and go rapidly.

The third sound activated mode is quite interesting, the light changes its colors and effects according to the music’s rhythms and moods.

This DJ and Disco Party Lights come with a round bottom and can be installed and fixed anywhere you want by screws. The lights cover a wide area of 269×323 sq.ft approximately with 3-meter height.

It has an in-built fan that helps in heat dissipation and ensures a longer life. The product is easy to use with both manual and remote control operations that adds to its convenience.


  • Gorgeous light effects
  • Manual and remote operation
  • Speed can be adjusted with remote easily
  • Single or mixed color output
  • The light effect changes automatically based on the type of music
  • Straightforward installation process


  • It must be used in an indoor setup strictly

3. Bruce Lee DJ Dragon

In case you are wondering what could be the best DJ gifts for your disc jockey boyfriend, you are in for a treat. Check out the DJ Dragon Classic Heather Navy T-Shirt from Bruce Lee Store and get this amazing look with a figure of youth icon Bruce Lee playing a DJ turntable printed on it.

Bruce Lee’s medallion with the JKD symbol will instantly catch anybody’s attention since it has been distinguished from the whole t-shirt by using a glittering gold print. From behind, a flying Bruce Lee figure on the neck area adds to its macho quotient.

The manufacturer has used a blend of 40% polyester and 60% ring-spun cotton treated with a super-soft wash to make it incredibly comfortable and suitable for all-day wear.

What makes this t-shirt unique is that a part of the cost of this product goes to the Bruce Lee foundation for various humanitarian works around the world.

Also, here’s a fun fact. Did you know that Robert Downey Jr. wore this same t-shirt as Tony Stark in his Iron Man movie? Tell your DJ friend about this and enjoy the reaction!


  • Unique Bruce Lee with a turntable print
  • Gold printed JKD medallion adds further charm
  • Premium material used
  • Super comfy fit


  • A little expensive for a t-shirt

4. Dog T-Shirts Glow

When it comes to gifting something cool and funny, nothing beats an unusually designed t-shirt. T-shirts come in countless types and styles, and everybody finds something that they can connect with.

Take the example of this Glow in The Dark Headphones T-Shirt for Men from Crazy Dog T-Shirts Store, and anybody who loves music will instantly fall for it. If you know a disc jockey whose passion is music, you can’t go wrong with this awesomely designed t-shirt.

This T-shirt is made with 100% premium-quality cotton and has been designed and manufactured in the USA with natively sourced materials that ensures long-lasting durability.

The color of the t-shirt won’t fade easily even after multiple washes making it ideal for everyday wear. It comes in a wide range of sizes and you will definitely find the one that meets your DJ friend size fit. Even if the person wears a plus-size t-shirt you can choose from multiple large-fit ones ranging from 3XL to 5XL.

The washing procedure is also straightforward and simple as it can be easily washed in a machine. Make sure to wash it inside out in room temperature water.


  • 100% cotton without any other material blend
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Ultra-cozy feel
  • Machine washable
  • Made in the USA


  • The headphone print doesn’t fully stretch around the neck area

5. Mrcuff Boom Box

Finding the best DJ gifts for a disc jockey can seem tricky but not impossible. They don’t need to be expensive to impress; all you need to have is a detection eye to spot a present that will be funky yet classy at the same time.

And when we talk about elegant gifts, cufflinks are one of the best choices. However, if you are wondering how to find suitable cufflinks to complement your DJ friend’s passion for music – we have Boom Box and Cassette Tape DJ Pair Cufflinks from MRCUFF.

It comes in a specially designed hard gift box packaging, which is ideal for presenting someone. One can use the box to display these attractive cufflinks or store safely. Rest assured that once your DJ friend wears them with his tuxedo or french cuff, they are bound to catch lot of attention in every party or event.

These Boom Box and Cassette Tape DJ Pair cufflinks are an impeccable option no matter what the occasion is – be it Christmas or an anniversary, birthday, or wedding. The best part is it can be gifted to anyone- boss, father, boyfriend, or husband; you can trust this item with closed eyes.


  • Tasteful gift idea
  • Comes in a beautiful gift box packaging
  • Can be gifted to anybody
  • 30 days of replacement or return guarantee
  • High-quality microfiber cloth for polishing purpose


  • Multiple color option is not available

6. Master & Dynamic MH40

While selecting some of the gift items for a disc jockey, a pair of headphones is one of the best gifts that we can give to a disc jockey. But the problem is that headphones are not cheap and choosing the one that will satisfy hardcore music professionals like a DJ would surely be price exorbitantly.

Well, not anymore, since we have come with an extraordinary piece here – MH40 Over-Ear Headphones with Wire from Master & Dynamic. No matter whether you are a fan of underground hip-hop or jazz, this one delivers deeper bass and crisp and unadulterated sound.

This over-the-ear headphone comes with a premium copper cable that effectively retains sound purity and reduces outside noise. It’s snug-fit built helps achieve further noise isolation, making unwanted noise difficult to hinder one’s listening experience. It has dual audio output jacks for shared listening.

Talking about built quality, you will enjoy one of the finest constructed headphones wrapped with premium imported leather. Also, two sturdy canvas cases are there to store main headphone and cable separately without any mess.

This product is specially designed to offer a cozy feel even when worn for a long time. Thanks to its memory foam built earpads with exquisite lambskin outer surface that provides comfort over an extended listening period.


  • Premium wired headphone with a comfortable over-the-ear fit
  • Imported lambskin leather wrapping
  • Retro and elegant styling
  • Isolates outside noise and offers pure audio
  • Deep bass


  • Could be a little more affordable

7. Pioneer Black DJ Controller 

As we are at the seventh item of our best DJ gifts guide, we decided to venture into more hardcore DJ related products. If your boyfriend or friend just started his career as a disc jockey, this Black DJ Controller DDJSB3 from Pioneer would definitely provide dual benefit to your DJ friend.

Apart from being just a fantastic present it would aid him professionally also. Although it’s an entry-level DJ controller that provides limited output to a headphone and an RCA master pair, but it is capable to deliver exceptional results in most settings unless you want to hook this up with top-of-the-line club sound setups.

The Black DJ Controller DDJSB3 from Pioneer features a well laid out interface that is easy to use. Because of user friendly interface DJ will find all the functionalities exactly where he needs them to be.

If you want an exciting scratch effect that only a professional turntable setup can offer, this excellent DJ controller comes with a unique pad scratch feature that helps to achieve the same without any high-end commercial settings.

This DJ controller unit ensures a seamless mixing, and credit goes to its proprietary FX Fade technology. With a low-latency 5-inch aluminum built sturdy jog wheel, the DJ is guaranteed to give a mindblowing scratch response with great precision. This product weighs only 4.6 pounds, making it easy to store and carry anywhere you want to rock the crowd.


  • Offers professional quality scratch effect
  • Unique features like FX Fade provides a smooth mixing with zero inconsistency
  • Elaborated layout with easy-to-access controls
  • Durable yet lightweight construction
  • Uses high-quality audio circuit arrangement


  • The scratch effect may seem a little gimmicky to professionals

8. Numark Portable DJ

In case you are in quest of a great present for a disc jockey that he cancherish for a long time, enter the fascinating world of portable turntables. Now, many may wonder what’s portable about a DJ turntable since they are familiar with either large professional setups or nothing.

It is obvious that nothing can beat a good old massive setting but we have now advanced towards a new era of turntablesthat can be carried with just one hand comfortably with the help of modern technology and excellent craftsmanship.

Now, let’s have a quick rundown of this Portable DJ turntable PT01 Scratch from Numark and see what it has to offer for those budding disc jockeys.

This one is a portable turntable that you can power with six inbuilt D type batteries or mains. This PT01 is a little box made of high-quality, durable plastic material with red design cues in a gorgeous all-black style.

Now coming to the audio input, this portable DJ turntable comes with a mini-jack line enabling you to hook it with an external source like a smartphone and run music in a loop. You can increase or decrease the volume with gain control.

The Portable DJ turntable PT01 Scratch from Numark has a in-built speaker which is quite enough for a regular environment with average gathering but not for a large party hall with a sizeable crowd.

Of course, for more powerful sound effect you can connect to external speakers through RCA output available on this turntable. If you want to go for private listening, then you can connect headphones with ¼’ and 1/8’ outputs available.

If you want to keep record of your performance then with the help of USB and EZ Vinyl software, you can record your sessions on computer and play them anytime.


  • Lightweight, small, easy to carry and store in a tiny place
  • Works best in all settings
  • Comes with a USB connectiona and EZ Vinyl software to record your sessions on PC
  • 1/8” auxiliary stereo input, RCA line, and 1/8” and 1/4” headphone output
  • Internal speaker is sufficiently powerful for a standard room
  • Can be modded heavily


  • The tiny holding latch is fragile and breaks easily, therefore must never be used for lifting the unit

9. Numark M6 USB 4-Channel DJ

Wondering what can be the best DJ gifts for your friend who is taking an interest in DJing lately? Try this M6 USB 4-Channel DJ Mixer from Numark and let him experience the freedom to play tracks as hard as he wants.

With multiple professional-grade connection options and four in-built stereo channels, one will be able to hook disc players, turntables, and various other DJ gears with this DJ mixer.

Its replaceable crossfader, which allows the user to select from two slope options, one can easily hop into scratching or smooth looping through tracks as they wish.

Furthermore, it comes with a USB port, two auxiliary inputs, and 3-band equalizers for all four stereo channels. It has phono/line inputs for turntables and CD players that you can easily switch also.

The best thing about this mixer is its external computer connectivity through a USB port. This allows one to connect the unit with either a PC or a Mac easily.

Thanks to its powerful plug-n-play feature that allows you to mix and record music in most of the major audio file formats using any recording software.


  • Portable yet robust built quality
  • A professional DJ mixer unit with four stereo inputs
  • Professional connection setup allows playing audio from major input sources
  • 3-band equalizers for every input option


  • Some users reported a damaged product once arriv

10. Auscufflinks Sports & Speciality Neckties

Regardless of the occasion, an elegant piece of necktie always win the hearts of men and it doesn’t cost an arm and leg as well. In case you are searching for the best DJ gifts for your boyfriend who is also a disc jockey then you can select from the exclusive DJ items mentioned above.

However, if you are on a tight budget and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a portable turntable or a DJ mixer, this Sports & Speciality Neckties for Men from AUSCUFFLINKS can be the perfect gift option in that case and that too just under $30.

This classy present of necktie is made of 100% premium microfiber material with 1200 needle count, whereas 960 count is what you get in most other neckties typically found within the same price bracket.

It further features an elegant lining that is only found in branded neckties priced much higher than this. With a five years manufacturer-backed warranty, one can be rest assured of the build quality and materials used, giving you peace of mind.


  • Topnotch build quality
  • 1200 needle count
  • Five years warranty from the company on any manufacturing defect
  • Ideal for any occasion and age


  • Not very competitively priced

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best DJ Gift

1. Consider Quality Instead Of Price

It is well known fact that buying cheap items don’t last long. And when you are planning to buy gift for someone, never go for cheap quality items.

If you are not ready to spend a hefty amount on a premium portable DJ turntable, there’s no sense in buying a cheap alternative from an unknown brand. Instead, buy a high-quality cufflink or necktie which will cost you much less but will impress your DJ friend.

2. Consider Items That Are More Related To DJing

Again, if you are about to gift something to someone whose passion evolves around DJing and music, you better present him something he can relate with.And there are plenty of options to choose from that won’t cost you much also. Just go through our selections above – from cufflinks to headphones, from a t-shirt to figurine, there’s something for everyone.

3. Consider Brands When Buying DJ Items

Brand matters more than you think in the music and DJ industry. Therefore, if you find a cool looking DJ mixer that is affordable but made by a local company, you better skip that.

Instead select any impressive DJ item offered by reputable brand. Numark, Pioneer, Master & Dynamic are some of the highly known brands you can trust upon.

4. Choose Something That Will Enhance His Personality

When you are buying a product for gifting purposes, you need to select an item that blends with the receiver’s individuality seamlessly and improve the same.

FAQs on DJ Gifts

Q1. Do I Need To Gift My DJ Boyfriend Expensive Items?

Not necessarily. All you need to know his likes, dislikes, and overall personality to select something that will be useful.

Q2. I Think A Pair Of Headphones Will Be One Of Best DJ Gifts, Am I Right?

Yes, you are right. Choose one that offers pure audio output with a good amount of bass. That being said, you can find other great gifting options too like a portable turntable or DJ mixer.

Q3. I Am Dating A Budding DJ And Want To Gift Him Something; Can I Present Him Something As Simple As Cufflinks Or A Necktie?

DJs are humans too, don’t overthink about his profession or passion. Yes, you can absolutely gift him simple yet classy items like a necktie or cufflinks. You can even choose a high-quality t-shirt for him. Just make sure you are giving something that goes well with his taste and preferences.

Q4. Would It Be Better If I Ask A DJ What He Likes Before Gifting Him?

It would be a bad idea, to be honest. Gift impresses best when it comes as a surprise, even if it’s not exactly what somebody wanted or needed. It’s not about giving something purposeful or useful (not that it will hurt if you choose a product with usefulness in mind, that’s actually recommended) always; it’s more about showing your love and appreciation for someone for who they are really.

Best DJ Gifts – Wrapping It Up

Hope you have gone through our handful selection of best DJ gifts carefully. We spent a lot of time researching these products and considered the user reviews too before presenting them in this guide. There’s no chance you will get disappointed by choosing any of the product from this list. Hence pick one according to your budget, and you are sure to impress your DJ friend.

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