Best DJ Mixers 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Pioneer

2. Pioneer

3. Denon

As we all know, music is the life of every party or event. Music sets the vibe for whole party or event. The person handling the music has the power to make or break the party. They can elevate the party to a whole new level or simply burst it.

The main audio equipment that a DJ jockey uses to play with music is DJ mixer. DJ mixer is an audio set up used by DJ jockey to operate and control audio signals. With the help of a DJ mixer, they move from one song to another seamlessly.

For any DJ or disc jockey, it is of paramount importance to know the details of the DJ mixer before buying it. You can’t just simply jump in and get all excited about the new and advanced DJ mixers available in the market. It is essential to keep a note of what kind of music one wants to create, play, and the style of mixing, and of course, your budget.

You can not just get carried away by all those shiny new features or the bells and whistles. Otherwise, once you unbox the mixer you are likely to get confused by the features of the new mixer and will only end up making awful music sound.

In fact, the DJ mixer is the main thing that separates the DJ set up from the home music system. So why choose carelessly. And if you are a professional DJ player, then it becomes all the more important to know all the intricate details before getting the best DJ mixer.

However, it is not that easy as it seems; it is indeed a daunting task to make the right choice. You need to go a little deep in knowing the types of mixers in the market, their features, unique functionalities, and their pros and cons before reaching the final conclusion.

To make this selection process a little easy and no more confusing or overwhelming, we have made this comprehensive guide to learn about the essential aspects and other beneficial information related to DJ mixers. All you need to do is just go through it thoroughly once. Also, this guide entails a list of top-selling best DJ mixers that are already a hot favor tier with both pro and beginners.

Here is a list of best DJ mixers in the market and among top DJ’s also because of their features, affordable prices, and portable use.

Top 25 Best DJ Mixers 2020

1. Pioneer DJ DJ Mixer

DJ Mixer Black from Pioneer DJ Store is an all-time classic that is popular with most DJs and widely used in many pro houses. DJM-S9, one of the first two-channel battle mixers from the brand, is fully configurable and customizable to suit your music style.

Look forward to energetic scratch performances with high-quality audio circuitry that is found in their flagship 4-channel digital mixer.

Prominent features include durable Magvel Fader Pro magnetic crossfader that gives a smooth response and comes with 3 shock-absorbing bumpers to choose your level of rebound., The 16 multi-color touch pads lead to dynamic live mixing and also provide great accuracy and response when mixing. The two large Style Levers allow quick turn off and on effects.

Take advantage of the two built-In USB Soundcards to switch and play back-to-back with other DJs. Enjoy high-quality circuitry and enhanced MIC Input with Echo FX features. The power inlet is designed to lower any resistance and deliver stable quality sound. This mixer can be used as a MIDI controller also to send and control information to external devices. It’s compatible with rekordbox DJ and recordbox DVS.


  • Quality solid build
  • Widely popular
  • MIDI Control
  • Compatible DJ Software
  • 2 Built-In USB Soundcards
  • Customizable FX Buttons
  • Filter FX


  • Could be cheaper

2. Pioneer DJM-S3 Mixer

Another example of a new generation high-class rotary mixer that is counted among the best DJ mixers is the DJM-S3 2 Channel for Serato DJ. With a built-in sound card, you can connect the DJ mixer to your PC/Mac with USB and access all your digital files. It features a highly durable Magvel crossfader that delivers a smooth and precise response. Now you can withstand intense performances with the scratch-friendly layout that allows more room for you and gives you the freedom to be creative.

The independent channel filters allow you to adjust resonance and add tension to create unique textures in your performances.

MAGVEL crossfader creates an excellent quality for more than 10 million movements. It features flexible connectivity and delivers premium sound quality. You can also attach two headphones with the mixer while playing back to back – one stereo jack headphone and one mini-jack headphone. Thanks to the mixer’s dithering technology that lets you hear the high-quality sound of tracks.


  • High quality sound
  • Independent channel filters
  • MAGVEL crossfader
  • Two headphone outputs
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Built-in sound card
  • Highly recommended


  • A bit bulky

3. Denon DJ MC6000MK2 Controller

Quite popular as a professional digital mixer & controller, the MC6000MK2 is looked upon as the next-generation digital mixer. This flagship product of Denon is a slim table-top unit that blends a 4channel/8-source real-time matrix with a 24-bit class-leading digital and analog audio interface. If you are looking for truly professional and long-term performance in the real-world, this is the definitive tool for you in most discerning DJs and clubs.

Get as creative as you like as there are endless possibilities with the 4-deck mixing in the unit. Look forward to an error-free live performance with a multitude of connectivity as the mixer accommodates auxiliary input sources, tabletop CD and Vinyl decks, and more.

With USB audio input routing, one enjoys greater flexibility as well as fast and competent DJ hand-overs too. As the dials and buttons are precisely where they are expected to be, there is complete transparency and easy accessibility without any confusion. The 4-Channel, 4-Deck, 8-Source Mixer includes free software downloads and goes well with Virtual DJ Pro, Traktor Pro 2, OtsAV.


  • Professional digital mixer
  • Slim Tabletop design
  • 4-Channel, 4-Deck, 8-Source Premium Mixer
  • Independent 3-Band Channel
  • Real-time Matrix Operation
  • Professional and long-term performance


  • Channels can be a little cramped

4. Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000

Another one of the best DJ mixers in the market is offered by the brand Behringer. This is an ultimate 5-channel Digital DJ Mixer with Sampler that features Dual BPM Counters, 4 multi-FX sections, a digital crossfader, and MIDI. You can connect to 8 signal sources simultaneously because of 4 Phono/Line stereo channels. This is a fully-featured MIDI controller that boasts of an advanced sampler with a beat-controlled loop function, sampler FX, and crossfader start option.

Look ahead for an automatic BPM synchronization of sampler because of the ultra-fast and accurate BPM counters. It features 2 microphone inputs with Gain, EQ, Talk function, and FX. The 3 dedicated headphone sections comprise of bass/snare boost function and PFL mix/split. With just a push of the button, one can recall the last mixer.

Make a direct recording of your performance with the help of a digital S/PDIF output. Enjoy a long-lasting performance with the DJ mixer that carries an exceptionally rugged construction and is made of top-quality components.


  • 32-bit digital DJ mixer
  • Fully featured MIDI controller
  • 4 multi-FX sections
  • Phono/Line stereo channels
  • Gain, EQ, Talk function and FX
  • Fader curve control
  • Quality components
  • Top performance


  • Isn’t good enough to be a club mixer

5. Allen & Heath XONE Channel DJ Mixer

Allen & Heath’s Xone DJ mixer is loaded with pro features that are needed by a top-rated club. The 2+2 channel mixer is equipped with an enhanced version Xone filter, three-band total kill EQ, VCA faders, and illuminated switches. The mixer comprises four inputs and each of these four inputs carries an independent control that allows playing up to four simultaneous sources when mixing.

The external effects units can be easily integrated because of the dedicated stereo send and return channels. A balanced XLR input on the front panel of the unit offers a connection to a microphone with high frequency and low-frequency equalizer controls.

Go ahead and capture your mixes to a portable recorder with the help of the balanced XLR connectors and a dedicated stereo booth output. One can cue with a wide variety of DJ headphones with the help of the 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch headphone connectors. There are knobs for all four channels on the front panel of the mixer.

VCF Filter system includes the low pass and high pass filters frequency and resonance controls. Some other features encode illuminated buttons, frequency selector knob, VCA resonance, and crossfader features. You are going to be impressed by this amazing DJ mixer which is highly recommended.


  • 2+2 channel mixer
  • Responsive knobs and channel faders
  • Total Kill EQ
  • HPF & LPF filters built-in
  • Dedicated stereo channels
  • Balanced XLR input
  • Balanced XLR connectors


  • Crossfade dead zone

6. Pioneer DJ Electric Guitar Single Effect

If you are looking for the best DJ mixer, then have a look at the Pioneer DJ Electric Guitar Single Effect (DJM-250MK2) that carries the same professional features of the popular DJM-900NXS2 model from Pioneer. The mixer is known for its straightforward controls and dedicated 3-band isolators that allow for an instinctive mix.

Enjoy high-quality audio because of the dithering technology from both analog and digital sources. Use the sound card to connect the mixer to PC/Mac and use rekordbox with CDJs or connect with Turntables to access digital files on your computer.

The package includes rekordbox DJ & rekordbox DVS control software, USB cable, Power Cord, AC adaptor, license key card, and more. The professional features of the mixer support a clear layout; the 3-band isolators and channel faders allow precise and fluid mixes. Moreover, as each channel comes with its own dedicated filter, it is easy to apply the filters and textures.

A built-in USB sound card allows one to support sound input and output as well as record the mixes to the computer’s hard drive. One can use rekordbox with this product and make optimum use of the low-latency DVS controls for smooth scratching.


  • Dedicated 3-band isolators
  • Straightforward controls
  • High-quality audio
  • Dithering technology
  • Rekordbox DJ & rekordbox control software
  • Built-in USB sound card
  • Low-latency DVS controls


  • Missing a few bells and whistles

7. Numark M6 4-Channel DJ Mixer

Numark M6 4-Channel DJ Mixer is a simple to use mixer packed with super functionality features. The four-channel DJ mixer carries all the essentials that are needed by a pro mixer or club. This is a superb choice for any DJ as it combines phono/line inputs for turntables and comes with a booth, record, and headphone outputs.

The feature-packed DJ scratch mixer carries all the must-have mix essentials, and it is no surprise to see a rising demand for this model at clubs, parties to weddings. Inputs for the record (RCA), Booth (RCA), master (RCA), and headphones allow advanced connectivity.

What sets the Numark M6 mixer apart from the crowd is the seamless computer connectivity and the plug-and-play connection that allows playing audio from music-player software. No one can record their music in almost any audio recording application.

As there are three-band EQs on each channel with replaceable crossfader and dedicated cue controls, it is indeed a perfect mix. The sleek and robust design is ultra-portable and comes with LED monitoring. With a rugged and solid built, the tank-like mixer is well known for its reliable performance.


  • Four-channel mixer
  • Sleek and robust design
  • Feature-packed DJ scratch mixer
  • Must-have mix essentials
  • Advanced connectivity
  • Plug-and-play connection
  • Professional audio outputs
  • Ultra-portable


  • Crossfaders may leak the audio

8. Pyle Store Professional Audio Mixer

The compact DJ mixer is looked upon as one of the best DJ mixers and for good reasons. After all, it provides total dynamic control for that professional punch and clarity the pro DJs are looking for.

If you are looking for that top quality on-stage performance with crystal clear audio and quality musical playback, you can achieve that effortlessly with this DJ & studio console mixer system. The unit offers super-easy functionality for professional sounds, vocal or instrumental.

Now you can connect the external USB, flash drive, or Bluetooth to the mixer for enhanced compatibility. It is easy to play, pause, or switch between controls because of the built-in controls. Enjoy a hassle and cable-free audio streaming because of the Bluetooth Wireless Music.

Stream all your favorite music tunes to the mixing board from your iPad or iPhone. Other notable features include 16 Bit DSP processor, LCD Digital Display, Rotary Adjustment Knobs, Sound Record Ability, and LED Indicator Lights. The compact DJ mixer comes with a rugged steel chassis and offers a value-packed mixing solution.


  • Compact DJ mixer
  • Professional clarity
  • Top-quality on-stage performance
  • Enhanced compatibility
  • Bluetooth Wireless Music
  • Sound Record Ability
  • Mic and stereo line inputs
  • Built-in digital effects


  • Could have more features

9. Allen & Heath ZED-6 Mixer

This DJ mixer has been made keeping in mind the needs of professional musicians, singers, and clubs. The compact and portable mixer is known for its quality and superb performance and has been created by analog guru Mike Griffin. Whether one wishes to embark on a creative journey or is planning a professional performance, they can rely on this versatile companion that boasts of innovative features.

The ZED-6 boasts of a new GSPre boutique design with exceptionally low noise. It carries a signature analog warmth and depth in its music and comes with a pair of Guitar DI high impedance inputs.

There is no more hassle of carrying separate DI boxes as the guitars can be plugged directly into the mixer. The precise MusiQ EQ controls allow to shape and enhance music tones while the preamps deliver remarkably low noise. The mixer is built to function in the toughest environments and ensures long life. All channels on the circuit board and all rotary controls are secured with a steel nut to protect against impact damage.

Allen & Heath’s analog range is well famous for the responsiveness and precision that can enhance each musical source. It is a trusted brand when it comes to professional audio and technology advances. Allen & Heath remains committed to audio excellence and producing professional-grade DJ mixers.


  • Compact, portable mixer
  • Superb performance
  • Music EQ controls shapes music tones
  • New GSPre boutique design
  • Analog warmth and depth
  • Remarkably low noise
  • Responsive and precise analog range


  • Not a deal breaker

10. XTUGA T4/T6 DJ Mixer

XTUGA is a high-end brand when it comes to best DJ mixers and electronic audio products. It is well renowned for designing and manufacturing all kinds of professional high-quality audio products. The multifarious product is epically designed for performers and professional DJs.

It includes in-ear monitoring systems and wireless microphones for stage-performers; singing equipment that is compatible with portable music players and smartphones. The philosophy of the registered brand is to offer an inherent quality and innovative design based on years of experience and expertise in the musical instrument industry.

The unit features 4-channel/6-channel mixing paths and the built-in 48V phantom power is appropriate for direct power supply to the condenser microphone. Built-in 16 preset DSP effects are adequate to meet the needs of different people. The compact and lightweight mixer can be linked to the power supply via the PC’s USB and there is no need to buy any extra power supply source.

A stereo input jack can be used to connect to other audio equipment and electronic keyboards. Phone type and RCA pin type are the two types of jacks available in the multifunctional 4-channel mini mixer.


  • Compact lightweight mixer
  • Multifunctional 4-channel mini mixer
  • Professional high-quality product
  • In-ear monitoring systems
  • 48V phantom power
  • Low-noise on all microphone input
  • Built-in 16 preset DSP effects


  • Could be cheaper

11. Numark Party Mix DJ Controller Set

Numark DJ mix is compact and ultra-portable loaded with all critical tools that a DJ needs. What really sets the Party Mix apart is its electrifying performance with three room-filling LED lights that sync automatically with your mix. It also features an effortless connection with your PC or MAC. Now you can play and mix all those favorite songs anytime and anywhere because of the included Serato DJ Lite software.

It has all the controls and features that are in demand by the modern DJ with a built-in sound card. Now you can easily go ahead and become a DJ because of the features like sync/cue/play buttons, two jog wheels, four responsive performance pads, a crossfader, and more.

The on-board audio interface comes with 1/8-inch headphone output and 1/8-inch main output to connect with all DJ speakers, mixers, and recorders virtually. Now you can look forward to a truly unforgettable time with all these must-have tools for a seamless mixing experience.

The Four pad modes provide control of cue points and auto/manual looping to add some flair in the mix. The unit features jog-wheels and pitch fader, channels outfitted with a crossfader, and all must-have tools for seamless blending.


  • Compact and ultra-portable
  • Serato DJ Lite software
  • A built-in sound card
  • Sync/cue/play buttons
  • The Four pad modes and Two decks
  • Four responsive performance pads


  • More suitable for beginners

12. Numark M2 Black Mixer

If you are new to DJing or beginner, then this Numark M2 Black Professional Two-Channel Scratch mixer will be very good for you. It is a two-channel mixer loaded with all the essentials that are required to rock any party, wedding or event. The mixer comes in a compact design with three-band EQ/rotary kills on each channel.

It has all the essential features and gives a high-quality audio performance. It is very much suitable for home or mobile DJs. It has a replaceable crossfader with reverse and slope adjustment that makes cuing easy and quick. The headphone monitoring is in crossfader-style.

The panel has two sets of stereo RCAs per channel i.e. phono/line inputs. Two sets of stereo RCA output are also there i.e. master and record. A ¼-inch mic input is also there that comes with dedicated controls for gain, treble, and bass. The mixer is sleek yet robust and ultra-portable with rackmount facilities.


  • Sleek and ultra-portable design
  • Three-band EQ and gain on each channel
  • Replaceable crossfader with reverse and slope controls
  • Crossfader-style cuing
  • Two inputs and two outputs


  • Only good for beginners, not for experienced ones. It’s a simple mixer.

13. Numark DJ2GO2 Touch

If you are interested only in the best DJ mixers, then check out Numark DJ2GO2 DJ Controller that comes pre-equipped with Serato DJ Lite for Mac & PC. Moreover, it is upgrade-ready to the complete version of Serato DJ. The compact two-deck USB controller offers you a platform that allows you to explore and develop your skills and captivate the audience.

The on-board audio interface has all the connectivity covered as it is equipped with 1/8-inch headphone output and main output to connect with all mixers, speakers & PA systems. Stream all kinds of soundtracks directly in Serato DJ Lite.

The mixer has been designed to be intuitive and features rich. It is a reliable unit as it offers universal compatibility and has everything you need to learn to mix and become an expert DJ.

Look forward to a seamless blending and scratching experience as you will have all the must-have tools for the total mix control such as pitch faders, jog-wheels, and DJ decks with a crossfader. Go ahead and enhance your performance with the total-control of cue-points, sample playback, auto / manual looping.


  • Impressive and powerful mixer
  • Compact 2 deck USB controller
  • Serato DJ Lite
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Excellent blending and scratching
  • Auto / manual looping


  • Could be cheaper

14. Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 Portable

The DDJ-SR2 mixer has all the features and controls a DJ is looking for. Serato DJ Pro Harmonic comes with a dedicated key control system that allows one to control the software features with just a push of a button. Being compact and lightweight it is very easy to carry and work with.

You can either use the DDJ-SR2 mixer with multiplayers or turntables or connect to a professional PA system and monitor the mixes with a booth and two master outputs. The large, low-latency jog wheels on the DDJ-SR2 controller offers you better scratch response and accuracy.

The dedicated button series and key-related functionality allow easy switching between Key Shift, Key Sync, and Key Reset without changing the tempo. Just hit on the pads and watch the colors change based on the Hot Cues, Roll, and Sampler features.

Make good use of the large, multi-colored tactile Performance Pads. Because of the lightweight design and easy-grab handles, one can take the controller wherever they want.

Enjoy a full professional package with this latest version of Serato DJ Pro and get as creative as you want.


  • Professional DJ gear
  • Audio mixer feature
  • Large jog wheels
  • Serato Pitch ‘n Time DJ controls
  • Multi-colored Performance Pads
  • DVS upgrade-ready


  • The jog wheels are a bit weird

15. Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300

With one of the best DJ mixers in your hand, such as Hercules DJControl, it is a lot easier to become a pro DJ. Use this controller to learn mixing techniques and become a DJ. Just follow the DJUCED DJ tutorial video lessons and integrated dynamic light guide to learn the tricks and become an expert with manual beat matching.

These videos and lessons allow you to work on your listening and learn to master beat-matching manually. Follow the best tracks on DJUCE with the help of Intelligent Music Assistant and choose those songs to create the right energy level for DJ nights.

The controller’s exclusive functions include the Assistant and energy functions as well as tempo and beat Align light guides. Now you can learn DJing with these exclusive functions and master the basics of DJing with the help of the comprehensive DJUCED software provided with the unit.

Perfect your mix with different effects, modes, and pads and prepare your mixes with ease. The layout of the buttons and sliders are similar to those found on a professional controller. It is very easy and simple to learn the right moves, thanks to the design of the buttons and sliders.


  • Great DJ mixer
  • Beat Align Light guides
  • Intelligent Music Assistant
  • DJ Academy Tutorials
  • DJUCED software included
  • Easy to use
  • Great for an absolute beginner


  • A bit small in size

16. Hercules DJControl Starlight

Hercules DJControl with Serato DJ Lite is a perfect DJ controller, especially for a beginner. The unit comes with a built-in sound card audio interface that allows you to pre-listen on the headphones before playing on the speakers. The compact and lightweight unit is easy to carry wherever you want and practices your mixes even while on the move. The full-featured portable mixer allows you to practice mixing anytime and anywhere.

The DJ mixer has all the vital features such as pressure-sensitive jog wheels, Hot cue modes, loop, bass/filter, FX, Sampler, etc. Pressure-sensitive jog wheels allow to control and scratch playback list. EQ buttons and bass/filter allows smooth transitions from one song to another. With RGB stroboscopic effects you can add color to your mixes. The filter knobs are of a nice touch, and MIDI control allows more mapping ability.


  • Mobile, compact and powerful
  • Bass and filter EQ
  • Pressure-sensitive jog wheels
  • Fun to use and learn
  • Great backup for a professional
  • Highly recommended


  • Need to purchase a separate Serato dj pro
  • Buttons feel a little cheap

17. Numark M6 DJ Mixer

Numark brand offers another model of the best DJ mixers, which is not only versatile but packed with all essential features. The simple-to-use four-channel DJ mixer is packed with great functionality, and you can entirely rely on Numark’s M6 USB as it has all the essentials that a DJ mixer is looking for.

Look ahead for complete control on the mixer and your mixes because of the three-band EQs on each channel. It has all the tools like crossfader-reverse and slope controls and is indeed an excellent choice for any DJ. You can use your creativity for practice setups as well as weddings and parties.

What sets this DJ mixer apart from the crowd is the seamless USB connectivity to Mac or PC and the plug-and-play connection that allows you to mix in audio and record on any recording application. The unit is equipped with a record (RCA), master (RCA), Booth (RCA), and headphone outputs, as well as radiant LED monitoring facilities.

Enjoy dedicated channel level Control as each of the four channels is equipped with a replaceable crossfader. You can count on getting a perfect mix because of the three-band EQs on each channel. The sleek and ultra-portable design is perfect for on the move DJs.


  • Sleek and ultra-portable design
  • Useful and powerful features
  • Versatile and simple to use
  • Radiant LED monitoring
  • Three-band EQs on each channel
  • USB connectivity


  • Not an “active talk over”

18. Pyle Store Professional Audio Mixer

This professional Pro PMXU43BT is a compact 4-channel mixer. It is a Bluetooth enabled audio mixer that is good for mixing experiences to all DJs and musicians in clubs, live shows, or any party.

All input channels boast of 3-band EQ, and peak indicators, and the 16-bit DSP effects engine comes with 16 preset effects to set fire on the stage performance. You can connect your PC/Mac with USB or Bluetooth to mix and record.

The built-in onboard controls allow you to play, pause, and switch between modes. Now you can seamlessly stream all your favorite songs by connecting the mixer with your Android smartphone, iPhone, or ipad by Bluetooth. It features two XLR-1/4″ combo jack inputs and one stereo pair of 1/4″ jacks.

The high headroom circuitry provides ultra-low noise sound quality. It is designed with rugged steel chassis to keep dust and grime away. This mixer totals dynamic control and is best suitable for stage performances, karaoke, and live gigs.


  • DJ & Studio Mixer
  • XLR-1/4″ combo jack inputs
  • 3-band EQ and peak indicators
  • Multi-voltage power supply
  • Multi 8channel audio source
  • Bluetooth wireless streaming
  • 16-bit DSP effects engine with 16 presets


  • Could add more features

19. Alto Professional ZMX122FX

Alto Professional ZMX122FX Mixing desk is considered among the best DJ mixers that are suitable for any occasion. This 8 channel mixer offers 16 variations of 16 professional effects with phantom-powered XLR inputs. It is perfect for musicians who want a compact mixing console for studio, podcast, or live show.

It features high headroom circuitry that offers dynamic range and ultra-low-noise superior sound quality from studio microphones. You can easily plug-in an MP3 player, CD player into the CD/TAPE input. It also has two AUX inputs which you can use to send audio streams from your mixer to stage monitor or TV screen.

This mixer brings the same standard of quality as Alto’s top best models give. It comes with wide connectivity: 4 outputs for flexible signal routing that includes a ¼-inch main, control room, headphone, and AUX; 4 input channels that includes XLR, line inputs, and two stereo input channels.

The mixer offers studio-quality in-built effects such as hall acoustics, spring reverbs, flangers, chorus effects, and more. There is even footswitch input to bypass all effects at the touch of a button. Designed smartly it comes with brightly colored knobs to easily locate the section on the mixer even in dark venues.


  • Great product and quality
  • High-quality sound
  • Flexible connectivity
  • 16 variations of 16 effects
  • Footswitch effect to bypass all effects
  • 8 channel mixer
  • Color coding sections to easily locate


  • A bit bulky

20. XTUGA B4/B6 Colorful Audio Mixer

XTUGA brand is well known for its high-end range of electronic audio products. XTUGA’s diverse product series comprises of professional consumer musical instruments and audio products that are known for reliable performance and excellent quality. It is no wonder that the brand is not only famous in China but all across the world.

The 4-channel/6-channel mixer features two mono channels, monitor paths, an effects processor, and one stereo tape channel. As it is equipped with a 4-channel/6-channel mixing console, it enjoys great popularity in the electronic industry.

The B4/B6 Colorful Audio Mixer comes with a built-in 48V phantom power that supplies power directly to the condenser microphone. The multifunctional 4/6-channel mini mixer with a high definition headset output port comes with a sound card and offers complete control over sound adjustment.

One can operate the unit with a USB connection to a computer. Go ahead and use the XTUGA’s product on stage or concert, or clubs. As the mixer is compact and lightweight, it can be connected to the PC’s USB to the power supply directly.


  • Professional mini mixer
  • Multifunctional 4/6-channel
  • B4/B6 Colorful Audio Mixer
  • High definition headset
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Will need some time and effort to figure out

21. Drembo Professional DJ Audio Mixer

Another example of the best DJ mixer can be taken from the Drembo Brand. The 4-channel mixer console is a wireless audio mixer that comes with a sound card. Its interface is compatible with Bluetooth and smartphone as well as a tablet, laptop, that makes for a hassle-free pairing.

Thus, it is built to meet all kinds of demands, such as live streaming, music production, and so on. Samfanx soundboard is just the right way to mix audio from MP3 and Bluetooth devices, and the good part is that each channel has an independent crossfader, volume & gain control.

The unit features a 48V phantom power supply, and the soundboard is ideal for both beginners and professionals. The ultra-low noise design comes with an exquisite plastic chassis and high headroom. As it is equipped with dual RCA audio line-in, 1 XLR/1/4″ jack combo & USB port, it is just perfect for party/music recording. Enjoy a 100% satisfaction guarantee as the mixer comes with a 1-year warranty, and the brand offers a 100% refund or replacement.


  • 4-channel mixer console
  • Bluetooth music streaming
  • Wireless audio
  • Hassle-free pairing
  • 48V phantom power
  • 100% refund or replacement


  • May take time to get used to

22. XTUGA MX8 Professional Audio Mixer

XTUGA has launched a new portable and small design MX8 8-channel multimedia digital mixer. This is a versatile mixer suitable for all types of stage performances, live shows, and karaoke. It delivers crystal clear studio-quality playback sound, that’s why it is a great option for professional vocal and instrumental sounds. The mixer uses 3-band EQ and a high-pass filter for accurate sound control and delivers a smooth clean mix.

It features a USB/Audio interface to connect directly with PC and record and play music. It boasts of all-metal design with sealed rotary controls to keep away dust and grime. It is an 8-channel mixer including mic, line, guitar-level inputs, XLR inputs with gain, easy to switch pass filters.

It comes in a compact design suitable for live sound, mobile A/V, and home use. It is equipped with a 48V phantom and peak level indicator to supply power to condenser microphones. This mixer gives priority to the microphone, when you select the input button for microphone other sounds automatically get reduced. Its knob compressor feature offers full dynamic control.


  • Crystal clear sound
  • Blue tooth/USB streaming
  • 8-channel mixer
  • Microphone Priority
  • Low noise on all inputs
  • XLR input and 48V phantom
  • Suitable for multiple scenarios


  • concerns about breaking as it is very light

23. Phenyx Pro Mixer Bundle

If you are looking for the best DJ mixers, do not make any decisions until you have checked out this model. The all-time classic is the first choice by many pro and techno DJs. This is a 4-channel mixer with USB Audio Interface. It is a powerful mixing console equipped with 3-band EQ, in-built echo-effect, and phantom power to supply power to condenser microphones.

It is quite famous because of its portability feature and strong build design. Sturdy construction comes from aluminum and metal alloy. Being portable it can be carried for live podcasting or webcasting. It delivers crystal clear sound with minimum hiss noise.

With a USB-powered interface you can easily play, record, edit, and monitor any digital audio directly you’re your PC. It is compatible with PC/MAC/PS4 and software like Pro Tools/Logic Pro X/ Adobe Audition and more. It is a basic but powerful mixer best suited for beginners that allows easy and precise personal music mix. The package includes a dynamic mic and stereo headset.


  • Clear sound with minimum hiss
  • 4-channels and 3-band EQ
  • 48V phantom power supply
  • Portable and light weight for travel
  • Best for live streaming and recording


  • Only good for beginners, it is a basic mixer.

24. Roland Serato DJ Pro

Roland offers Serato DJ Lite mixer with built-in drum kits and advanced ACB technology.

The four-deck controller is compatible with the lowest available latency and has been optimized for scratching. Now you can attempt the legendary pattern-909, pattern-606, pattern-707, and pattern-808 with this amazing mixer.

The forward-thinking Roland DJ-202 controller offers all the features and flexibility every DJ is looking for; the full-size professional controller allows unparalleled flexibility and produces perfect beats. The compact unit is both rugged and portable and is suitable for live performance and creations.

Some additional vocal effects comprise low-cut EQ and the noise gate that cleans up any sound issues automatically. Other useful features include an onboard sequencer, dedicated pad, low-latency platters, and transport controls.


  • Compact, rugged, and lightweight
  • Serato DJ Lite mixer
  • Synchronized external devices
  • Higher flexibility and adaptability
  • Advanced ACB technology


  • A bit expensive

25. Rane DJ Seventy-Two MKII

Rane brand is already well known for creating the best DJ mixers, and this Serato DJ Mixer with a sturdy and strong steel construction is built to last. The RANE US-engineered and die-cast aluminum FX paddles offer supreme audio quality. Get higher power for your DJ performance because of the touchscreen display, user customizations, improved song selection, and 180-degree rotation.

The dual flex FX engines plus the chain-integrated software create both convenience and control for the DJ. Make good use of features like pro mixer mainstays, performance pads, external and internal crossfader for tension adjust controls.

The full on-board Serato DJ Pro comes with control vinyl and Serato Pitch ‘n Time DJ expansion. RANE’s latest addition offers you advanced control and performance and allows you to unleash your full creativity when it comes to DJing.


  • Rock-solid build
  • Serato DJ Mixer
  • Greater reliability
  • RANE US-engineered
  • Supreme audio quality


  • Range of filters could be better

Now that you are aware of the most sought-after and popular DJ mixers, it is time to move to the next very important segment of this guide which is about how to buy the right DJ mixer for your needs.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best DJ Mixers

DJ mixers are designed to offer you a much more creative flair in music and apply different textures and effects to the audio channels. The whole idea is to make the DJ set awesome and create a beat-matched music sound.

However, not all DJ mixers are designed to offer you that superb experience and performance. You need to make some efforts to locate the right mixer for your needs and follow some good advice.

Here are some key factors to keep in mind when looking for the best DJ mixer.

1. Fully Featured And Versatile

Whatever DJ system you are interested in making sure that it is robust, versatile, and fully featured. The best DJ mixer should be able to tune-up with all kinds of deck setups and long-lasting. Apart from being tough and versatile look for some advanced features too such as pass-through channels, filters, and more so as to stay at the top of the line.

2. Regular Or Scratch?

When shopping for DJ mixers, you will across the option to pick between regular or scratch mixers. As a buyer, you should know the details as they are extremely different from each other. All DJs want reliable and easy to set up mixers and prefer to keep away those bells and whistles.

Scratch mixers are also referred to as battle mixers and are more about the crossfader. The very robust crossfader on Scratch mixers is designed to scratch audio with lightning-fast precision. Go for simple yet elegant mixers that are devoid of millions of those buttons and dials that only make your task more confusing.

Regular mixers are perfect for those who are not interested in scratch mixing. These mixers are perfect for simple use and are highly portable and easy to set up.

3. 2 Deck Mixers Or 4 Deck Mixers?

You have probably seen four decks Mixers being advertised for seamless mixing with superior speed and accuracy. However, the higher number of decks doesn’t necessarily mean that it features better sounds or improved DJ sets.

Traditionally DJs have always used two decks- one for playing live music to the crowd and the second one to preview the music through headphones. They beat-match and mix in the track at just the right moment. These mixers have evolved over the years and now more digital and electronic devices are entering the scene that promises much more creativity.

4 Deck Mixers can be useful only under certain scenarios. For example, the DJ can use Deck 1 for playing a live tune to the crowd, Deck 2 for looping a percussion sample, Deck 3 for samples cued and ready while the Deck 4 to preview the next master track.

As you can see 4 Deck Mixers are quite complex and you might not need them for enhancing your setup; 2 Deck system will work absolutely as good as 4 Deck system promises to do. That’s why many DJs prefer the 2 Deck system as it is less complex and reduces the chances of any failure in case you push the wrong button. Moreover, having a four-deck system is likely to increase the cost of the whole setup.

Having said that, while the 2 Deck systems are good enough, it is more fun and creative to work with the four decks. Just remember that if you prefer to use four decks, you should be an expert to work your way through the complexity.

4. In Input And Output Channels

When looking for the best DJ mixer pay attention to the input as well as output channels. The number of channels gives you an idea about the level of control you will have on the music you mix and create. The most basic DJ mixers come with two input channels and the resulting audio is fed to the main output. However, some high-end mixers are equipped with four or more input channels.

How many ins and outs you actually need entirely depends on your preferences. Broadly speaking, a higher number of inputs and outputs means more flexibility. For beginners, it is recommended to go with two channels as they are enough to suffice their needs. However, as you gain experience and grow as a DJ artist you can experiment with a higher number of channels to get more creative.

However, all those extra input and output channels do not come for free; the greater the number of channels, the higher is the cost of the setup.

5. Digital Compatibility, Filters, And Effects

Most DJ’s today look for digital compatibility as well as special effects when choosing the best DJ mixer. After all, music has always been at the forefront of technological development and DJs too have been moving with the tide and going with the flow.

There’s no denying that digital compatibility is just as we live in the digital age. In the world of DJ mixers, digital compatibility means streaming of audio to and from a computer device or phone or laptop. The DJ mixers should be well-equipped with applications like Traktor and rekordbox. Many mixers are ‘DVS-ready’ too and can be linked to any of those digital vinyl systems.

While the basic DJ mixers include only a few filters, some high-end models offer additional effects such as rhythmic delays, phasers, reverbs, one-shot FX, and more. Again, it is all a matter of personal choice and what you look for in your music, as none of these effects or filters are strictly mandatory for any DJing.

6. The Price

Last but not least, the cost of the DJ mixer should fit within your budget. Generally speaking, the average cost of whole DJ equipment would be around $1,400, including the mixer. However, the costs could go even higher depending on the kind of equipment you are buying.

Keep in mind that DJ gear can be expensive and therefore it is essential to be careful about the choices you make when shopping for the best DJ mixer. You would certainly not want to spend money on some mixer loaded with bells and whistles that you really do not need.

Do a thorough research and keep the above aspects in mind when shopping for the DJ mixer that is just perfect for your needs and your kind of music.

FAQs on DJ Mixers

Q1. What Kind Of DJ Mixer Is Considered The Right One For Beginners?

For those who are just entering the field of DJing or are completely new to mixing, it is always better to start with a software dedicated mixer. As a beginner, one is likely to get overwhelmed or confused with so many features and functionalities of the onboard. A software dedicated mixer will make them feel more in control and give them hands-on control over the sound.

Q2. What Is The Style Of Djs And The Kind Of Music They Make?

Before looking at any of those best DJ mixers, it is important to know what kind of DJ you are and what kind of music you make. Whatever mixer you pick, it should suit your style of DJing and mixing abilities. So, keep in mind some essential questions like the style of music and how you would be suing the DJ mixer before you buy any model.

The needs of a DJ who makes slow tempo music or hip-hop style would be different from the Drum & Bass DJ. So, while one is free to choose, it makes sense to know your main music genre and get the right mixing features and assistive tools for your music. In some cases, the DJ mixer performs easy cuts and tight scratches between tracks, while others pay more attention to textures, filters, and effects.

Q3. What Is The Best DJ Software?

Along with buying the best DJ mixers, one should also focus on getting the top DJ software packages. Some of the most popular software in the industry are Serato DJ Pro, Rekordbox, and Traktor Pro. Some other popular names include Algoriddim Djay and Virtual DJ, especially for mobile DJ users. Mixvibes CrossDJ, and Mixxx and other popular choices among DJs.

Q4. What Is The Average Cost To Start Djing?

DJing can be cheaper, provided you plan well. What you need to is select from the best DJ mixers available in the market within your budget and get some free DJ software and free music. With so many free online resources available, it will not be too expensive to start DJing. Later you can expand to advanced setups, but some of the best DJ mixers are available under $500.

Q5. What Are The Leading Brands That Manufacture And Sell DJ Mixers?

Some of the top brands that are known to make the best DJ mixers include brands like Pioneer, Denon, Behringer, Pioneer, Numark, Allen, XTUGA, Hercules, Drembo, Rane, Allen & Heath, Native Instruments, and some more. A major advantage of buying from these brands is that you get a high-quality product backed by 100% guarantee and professional customer support.

Now that you have gone through the guide, we are sure that you can go ahead and make confident choices when it comes to buying the best DJ mixers. Get rid of all those confusions and pick only from the superb selections available in the market. Assess the benefits and compare the pros and cons so as to get one that suits your individual taste as well as the budget.

The DJ Mixer marketplace is overflowing with so many brands and models. There are some fantastic mixers available in the market, and all you need to know is what to look for and why. Ultimately, you will get what you pay for, and if you make a little more effort you can certainly get a multitude of onboard features within your budget.

You can always refer to this page and get rid of any predicaments when browsing through the essential features and capabilities in terms of interfacing, manipulation, arrangement, scratching, and more.

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