Best DJ Turntables 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1.  Audio-Technica AT-LP140XP-SV

2. Audio-Technica AT-LP1240USB-XP

3. Audio-Technica AT-LP140XP-BK

When it comes to DJing, whether you are practicing from laptops or USB drives, many choose to go for the best DJ turntables. With DJ turntables you can learn the scratching technique like an old school DJ. If you wish to make an original mashup featuring your favorite songs of all time, a turntable is your best friend.

In terms of DJ equipment like turntables, many cheap products have flooded the market in recent years. Besides, different turntables have different features, which makes it hard to choose the best one among them. You don’t want to end up buying a model that doesn’t work for you at all, as it is quite an investment.

Hence, we have compiled this buying guide that will take you through the top turntables available in the market today, along with their pros and cons. We have also written some essential features and FAQS that will help you select the best DJ turntable.

Let’s start with our top 30 list of DJ turntables!

Top 30 Best DJ Turntables 2020

1. Audio-Technica AT-LP140XP-SV Turntable

This DJ turntable from Audio-Technica is well-suited for casual listening. It is based on the design of the Technics SL-1200. The AT-LP140XP-SV features a direct-drive mechanism that is quite DJ-friendly, along with strong bass performance, and a heavy chassis.

The DJ components of this turntable include retractable light, variable pitch control, forward and reverse operation, and platter strobe/light. To reduce the ringing, the company has dampened the platter with dense material. The plinth is heavier and deeper in comparison to other turntables. It also has a tonearm that is S-shaped with an SME headshell connector.

Around the back of the turntable, there is an IEC power socket, ground knob, and standard phono sockets. If you wish to enhance the sound quality, you can upgrade the phono cables and the mains cable.

The AT-XP3 cartridge is designed specifically for DJs and attaches itself to the AT-HS6BK headshell by the means of a conical stylus tip. The cartridge is based on a nylon wire suppression system with carbon fiber reinforcement and dual magnet construction.

When you install the cartridge with 3g tracking force, the turntable and the cartridge work together to produce an optimum mid-range sound along with brutal bass. At 2g, you will get a balanced bass and an elegant mid-range.


  • Easy installation
  • Focused mid-range
  • Bass drive


  • The cartridge can be improved

2. Audio-Technica ATLP1240USBXP Turntable

The ATLP1240USBXP from Audio-Technica has a balanced tonearm and a sophisticated lift control featuring hydraulic damping. This helps you handle the needle better overall especially for lockable rest, height adjustment, and anti-skate.

The platters are easy to scratch and are made of good quality die-cast aluminum that has anti-resonance properties. This, in combination with the slipmat, gives you great stability. The platter is made in such a way that it looks stationary or slow-moving, thus making it easy to use while enhancing the visual appeal.

Like other products, this has direct-drive and manual models, along with an in-built electronic braking system that’s quite reliable. Furthermore, with this device, you have brake and start control adjustments.

The combination of the well-built platter fitted with anti-skate, the reliable tonearm, and the counterweight makes sure interruptions are minimal. With two of these turntables paired with a good-quality mixer, you can get a reliable and digital-friendly DJ equipment setup. The three-phase motor inside the turntable is of very high quality.

With the ATLP1240USBXP, reverse play, forward play, and back-cueing are quite easy. When you combine that with the standard RPMs, this turntable lets you reach all kinds of speeds.

Another great feature of this turntable is the switchable phono preamp that assists with compatibility for any gear, speakers, or receivers you might possess. You can also connect the turntable to your computer and convert vinyl files to digital.


  • Customized capabilities and lots of features
  • Superb value and professional build
  • The in-built phono preamp is quite good


  • No cartridge

3. Audio-Technica AT-LP140XP-BK Turntable

The AT-LP140XP has a mass-damped, anti-resonant platter made of die-cast aluminum that ensures that the on-axis rotation remains stable. For this reason, several DJs consider this to be one of the best DJ turntables available on the market. It also has a direct-drive motor with high torque and is able to reach speeds of 33-1/3. 78, and 45 RPM.

The tonearm of this turntable is S-shaped with counterweight and height adjustment. The anti-skate control is also a pretty useful feature. With this device, you can get the high-fidelity audio output every professional DJ wants. It is a direct-drive turntable having a speed-stabilized high-torque servo motor.

The expert craftsmanship is evident in the sturdy, high-output cartridge and the conical bonded stylus. Furthermore, it is comes mounted to a universal mount headshell. Other professional features of this turntable include a removable cover, a target light, stroboscopic platter, pitch change control, pitch lock control, reverse and forward play, as well as a start/stop button.

The turntable connects to other components via a dedicated phono input. It is accompanied by an RCA output cable that is detachable and gives a reliable output. You can get the product in silver and black colors.


  • Speed stabilization feature
  • High-fidelity audio
  • Lots of accessories


  • The cue lever damping mechanism can be improved
  • AC plug not too tight

4. Numark PT01 DJ Turntable

This is a portable turntable with 6 type D batteries and main power included. The red and black color combination makes the device look visually appealing. Thanks to the mini-jack line on this turntable, you can connect an external output, running beats using a looper. For input also there is the volume control. One notable feature is that the scratch switch does not affect the input.

The PT01 Scratch has an in-built speaker which when combined with tone control, offers an adequate sound quality. You can hook the turntable to external sound sources using RCA line and headphone outputs.

The needle does a pretty decent job of reading vinyl through headphones or speakers. When you don’t have anything plugged in, the in-built speaker plays the audio, and plugging into external speakers kills the in-built one.

The 10% pitch control and 33/45/78 switch are good playing features. The pitch control is a great feature if you plan to use a couple of these with a mixer and have some fun. Coming to the switch, it has a simple slide design but provides a neat experience. The rotation adjustment feature is an added plus, as it allows you to angle or reverse it, for more comfortable play. The PT01 also has a USB jack using which you can rip vinyl record to your laptop.


  • Attractive design
  • Neat pitch control
  • Scratch switch provides a good crossfader


  • A bard hard to use for left-handed people
  • The onboard speaker is not too great

5. Crosley DJ100 Direct Drive DJ Turntable

The Crosley DJ100 is perfect or those who are just starting out as a DJ and would need some time to get familiar with their turntable. This manual turntable offers two different speeds for the DJ. Also, unlike some other low-end products, this one is equipped with a direct-drive motor. It gives a decent performance and you can easily reverse the turntable.

If you have prior experience, you can use this turntable without many problems. With its direct-drive motor, you can reach speeds of 45 and 33.5 RPM. The high torque of the motor allows it to startup and reach the desired speeds faster.

With this product, the DJ has more control as they can make adjustments to the pitch, reverse the motor, and switch speeds. It has an S-shaped tonearm and anti-skate functionality along with headshells that you can replace later on.

Compared to other products, this one is not as heavy and sophisticated design. If you wish to fit the turntable inside a coffin, you can store the USB/AC plus away easily. This turntable has an in-built preamplifier, so you don’t need to connect it externally.


  • Affordable product
  • Anti-skate control with tonearm
  • Highly portable


  • Not too many options in terms of speed settings

6. RANE DJ Twelve MKII DJ Controller Turntable

The new Rane Twelve MKII model is somewhat similar to the old Rane Twelve. Both units have the same high-end build along with a chassis made of full metal. Towards the top, there is a strip search through which you can trigger hot cues and do fast scrubbing. Another great feature is the motor power switch that allows for a wind-down.

The reason why this is considered one of the best DJ turntables is because of the plunger button that helps you start the platter or stop it. This is a welcome up-gradation of the old model. Coming to the DVS output, the Rane Twelve MKII is more than a Serato HID controller with USB. With the MKII you get more software compatibility and different ways to connect.

The dual RCA ports on this turntable give optimum control signal for DVS. With this DVS signal, you can different outputs like Traktor Scratch, Virtual DJ, and Serato Noise Map. The accuracy of this turntable in the USB mode is quite impressive, with 36,000 ticks for every rotation. You can connect both Virtual DJ and Serato using just a USB cable. However, Traktor only functions with DVS input.

There are a few DJs who prefer their software response in DVS mode. In this regard, the MKII offers a great degree of flexibility. Through this hybrid model, Virtual DJ and Serato users can use some performance features like needle browse and search and hot cues with the USB connection. They can do this while they playing their tracks using DVS.

The OLED screen is located below the hot cue touch strip. Using this screen, you can switch between all the control modes. When you are not selecting modes, you can see the BPM value of the active deck on the display.


  • Cross-software support
  • Instant doubles button
  • Great feel


  • No CUE button
  • Power switch not easily accessible

7. Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-RD Turntable

Considering the wide range of features it offers, the AT-LP60XBT-RD is the best turntable you can get under $200, while most of the good products are priced between $200 and $1000. The turntable’s design is functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. It has a compact and sleek build paired with the matte black plinth that gives it a stylish look.

Weighing at just 2.6 Kg, it has an incredibly light body consisting of thing plastic. It is extremely easy to set up and you just need to do a little bit of assembly before you start spinning the records.

You can use this with a wired connection to a pair of headphones or a speaker, or use it wirelessly with Bluetooth. Its in-built phono equalizer lets you use the turntable without connectable equipment or phono amplifier. If you wish, you can use an external phono amplifier.

The pairing mode is quite reliable, and you won’t experience any connection dropouts in this mode. You can easily combine the convenience of wireless headphones with the vinyl’s analog warmth. For wireless playback, you have the calling card, but you can setup a wired connection for your speaker which can enhance the sound quality a bit.

This turntable also supports Bluetooth 5 connectivity and the sound quality is quite impressive compared to a wireless connection. The cartridges are also of good quality, with the conical stylus fitting smoothly into the grooves, thus revealing minute details in a track.


  • Offers value for money
  • Easy to install
  • Wireless playback


  • A bit flimsy
  • The audio could use a little bit more detail

8. DJTECH USOLO MKII Digital DJ Turntable

This product from DJTech has introduced a new industry standard when it comes to portable Medial player. With the MKII you get pure sound with no laptops or CDs. This is the first generation of digital music controllers that are USB-compatible.

With this turntable, the DJ can scratch, manipulate, play, and cue the digital files. But this is not all. This also allows FX inclusion in real-time and lets you plug in and play your MP3 files without spending too much time searching.

Thanks to the turntable’s large database of music, you can find any track you like using album, genre, title, and artist. You can then play them on a resolution of 100%, which is of course, extremely precise.

With the USOLO MKII, scratching is easier than ever before. You can also manipulate the MP3s to a great degree. It has 5 adjustable effects namely scratch, brake, echo, filter, and flanger. Weighing just at 1.1 Kgs, it is highly compact and portable, allowing you to travel with it without any problems.


  • Giant Jog Wheel with Muti Mode
  • Real-Time Cue and Auto Cue
  • Turntable simulation


  • Skips if bumped while playing audio from a flash drive

9. Pioneer PLX-500-W Direct Drive Turntable

This robust deck from Pioneer is attractively priced and offers great performance for home usage, including a ‘line level’ output and USB recording. The ‘line level’ output lets you plug the turntable into an aux or CD input on a PC or an amplifier so you don’t need to get yourself a pre-amp or a phono stage.

The PLX-500-W is a bit on the heavier side, weighing 10.7 kg. It is meant for rugged use and its solid construction ensures you get long-lasting playback at your home free from vibration. With this turntable, you get a high-quality PC-HS01-S cartridge/headshell/stylus, a dust cover, a slipmat, USB and audio leads, and an adapter for 45s.

With this turntable, you can display your cover art using a jacket stand. The mounting collar on the tonearm lets you upgrade easily or use a different set of cartridge or headshell. You can record your vinyl using the rekordbox DJ software, although you can use other programs too if you wish.

The instructions supplied with this product lets you easily add a counterweight to the back of the arm, a slipmat, and a platter, and attach the cartridge or headshell. The recommended tracking weight is 3-4g and 3.5g is optimum.

This is one of the best DJ turntables you can buy if you wish to play vinyl at the correct speed or want to beat-match while you are DJing.


  • Great stability and high-end torque
  • Removable headshell
  • Built-in LED indicator


  • Audible taps due to the hollow body

10. Stanton T.62 MKII DJ Turntable

The Stanton T62 MKII is perfect for DJs of all skill levels and possesses all the features and tools a DJ could possibly want. This is a professional turntable that has features used mainly by DJs so there is no point in buying this if you only wish to play records with it.

The silver and black finish on this turntable gives it a classic DJ look. It is made of plastic and aluminum but it does not feel that light, which is what is expected from a premium product like this. On the plinth, you will find a few features like pitch control slider, speed button, and start/stop buttons. The aluminum is present only on the platter ring, buttons, and tonearm, thereby letting the other elements get the spotlight.

This is a direct-drive turntable where the motor is is located under the platter. This is a good thing because it gives you more control in terms of adjusting pitch, starting and stopping, making the device immediately react to the controls. DJs will love how easily scratching and tracking can be performed with this turntable. The straight tonearm is better suited for DJing as compared to an S-shaped tonearm.

The Stanton T.62 comes with a 500.v3 cartridge that is mounted on the headshell. With this cartridge, it is easy to reduce surface noise and to avoid crackling or skipping. This adds to the overall sound quality of the turntable.


  • Several DJ functions
  • Straight tonearm and direct drive
  • Good sound quality


  • Not very well-suited for the casual vinyl fan
  • Design includes too much plastic

11. Pioneer PLX-500-K

The PLX-500-K has a body made of high-grade plastic along with a metal tonearm and platter, giving it a sophisticated look. When you look at this turntable from above, you will see the on/off switch, the speed selector, and the large start/stop button. With this device, you have 3 choices when it comes to RPM and these are 33, 78, and 45.

This turntable has a +8/-8 pitch fader which is quite useful for pitch bending. Furthermore, you can estimate the speed of the record by studying the inbuilt LED indicator. Towards the back of the unit, you will find the output switch and the USB jack, along with an RCA pair. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned DJ, you will find the features quite useful.

Inside the turntable, you will find a three-phase motor having an electronic brake. This allows you to transition seamlessly between the different RPM settings. This not only leads to great control but also makes much more precise and easier, which is vital for a DJ.

Another great feature is the fully detachable headshell that lets you move beyond the generic cartridge/needle system. Thus, you have the freedom of playing different styles of music. The tonearm is S-shaped and static balanced, so you can adjust its weight and height owing to the anti-skating dial and the counterweight.


  • In-built LED indicator
  • +8/-8 pitch fader
  • Great torque stability


  • Takes a bit of effort to connect to the computer

12. Numark Party Mix DJ Controller Set

This small and light turntable is one of the best DJ turntables for those looking to do some spinning in their house party or dorm. It has a dual-channel controller, with each channel having a pad mode selector, on/off button, pitch fader, cue button, transport, and sync controls, a volume fader, and a tiny jog wheel.

This turntable also has a Browse button that lets you go through your DJ library. Towards the back, you will find two RCA Master outputs, a USB cable, three LED lights, and a button for selecting the LED light mode.

The jog wheels on this turntable are quite small and are good for a product that costs less than $100. The mixer has separate knobs for adjusting the gains, although there are no filter knobs. The volume faders are made of plastic and the crossfader is loose and not very smooth.

For each deck, there are four performance buttons, which are like on-off switches as opposed to velocity-sensitive pads. The different modes include effect mode, sampler mode, cue mode, and loop mode.


  • Audio interface included
  • Compatible with all kinds of software
  • Affordable and portable


  • Plastic knobs and parts
  • Pads are without velocity sensitivity

13. Reloop RP2000M Direct Drive Turntable

Reloop offers a perfect blend of features and designs that are suitable for novice DJs. It is a utilitarian unit that focuses on delivering good performance. Although this turntable does not cancel out all vibrations, they reduce them to a level that is acceptable. So you can set up your turntable inside a noisy room and still perform our set without any issues whatsoever.

The tonearm is S-shaped and fully manual, while the motor is quite solid as well. You can adjust the pitch control having a +-10 range through a standard fader. Coming to the performance, the turntable motor has the necessary torque suited more most applications.

The precision is quite acceptable and so is the pitch control. Overall, it is a great DJ turntable for beginners that you can get at a good price.


  • Clean and robust design
  • Feet isolation and heavy mass chassis
  • Precise pitch control and platter


  • Pitch control loses some finesse over time
  • Motor drops in torque a bit

14. Roland TT-99 Special Edition Turntable

The Roland TT-99 special turntable delivers a blast from the past with a similar design and color scheme as the popular TR-909. This is a direct drive turntable with a high torque that maximizes the stability of the spinning and rotation. The different rotation speeds on this model include 33 1/3, 78, and 45 RPM.

With this model, you get an in-built phono amp hat that gives out an amazing sound and even includes a 909 slip mat that is compatible with other graphics. You also get a dust cover that you can either take off or keep on, supported by the hinges.

The platter is full-sized and features a die-cast aluminum body that is great to scratch and spin on due to the combination of the high torque drive and the platter. The direct-drive motor is quite stable and very quiet, while the S-shaped tonearm has a built-in mechanism for anti-skating.

With the pitch fader, you get a range of +- 0 to 10% which, while lesser than other turntables, it still quite decent. It is an old-fashioned model, both in features as well as graphics. The in-built phono equalizer is a huge bonus, and with it, you can set the low-end frequency at 50 Hz or 60 Hz at RPMs of 45 or 33 1/3. This turntable really does very well in terms of signal cleaning, especially with the old vinyl records that need remastering.


  • Great sounding phono equalizer
  • Dust cover with hinges
  • Retro feel and look


  • Limited pitch range
  • Pitch reset button absent

15. Pioneer PLX1000 Direct Drive DJ Turntable

Similar to the Technics 1200, the PLX1000 has a pure analog signal path. There is no built-in line level pre-amp, so the audio signal passes from the tonearm contacts to the RCA jacks that are located under the body. All this combined with the ground wire makes this quite a traditional model, and many DJs consider this to be one of the best DJ turntables to use with real vinyl.

With a torque higher than 1200, motor performance for this turntable is quite excellent. The start/stop time is not adjustable and the startup time is also quite swift. You have the freedom of selecting between three different pitch ranges and the most accurate among this is the 8% range. You can also reset the pitch using the pitch reset button.

Coming to the tonearm, it provides great performance both in terms of isolation and usability. Inside the arm, you will find additional isolating material which in combination with the ample isolation in the base which gives you good results when you test it inside a club booth.

With this turntable, you get interchangeable audio and power cables that you can connect and replace with considerable ease. The RCA jacks are pro-grade and make sure you get good sound quality and low impedance.


  • Good sound isolation
  • Excellent build quality
  • Multi-tempo control allows for slow down and picks up


  • A bit pricey, considering the features

16. Pioneer DDJSB3 DJ Controller

For an entry-level DJ controller, the DDJSB3 has quite a wide range of features. The light crossfader makes quick cutting quite easy. There are 2 channel faders with VU meters that let you keep your channels away from the red. However, due to the lack of a master VU meter, software reference is needed for keeping the mix out of the red.

The EQ has 3 bands and sits above the faders, letting you control all the frequencies. This lets you achieve the best transitions by adjusting your mixes. You get added flexibility and control due to the added low and high pass filter knob. With the gain knobs, you can control each channel’s volume separately.

With separate cue buttons for every channel, you can select what you wish to hear. Moreover, there is a browse knob that lets you select tracks from your software. You can send the selected tracks to the decks using the load buttons. Thus you can remain engaged with the gear without searching for the mouse.

Along with this turntable, in this set, you also get Serato DJ Lite software. Which gives you access to all the main features you need to be a DJ. If you like scratching with your turntable, there is a solid set of jog wheels on this turntable. Considering the controller size, the jog wheels are quite decent.


  • Professional and Logical Layout
  • Excellent FX options
  • 4 different channels available


  • Average scratch effects
  • Intro software provided

17. Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK Turntable

This is a premium turntable, beautifully designed to digitize any record collection and play your favorite records. This is a lightweight turntable with a sleek, sophisticated look. It is made of polished metal and includes an aluminum platter made from cast die having anti-resonance properties. It also has a felt map that lowers vibration as the records are playing.

This turntable also has a tonearm that has an S-shape, giving it a trendy and modern look. It is compatible with the AT-VM95E photo cartridge and the ATHS6 headshell. The phono cartridge has an elliptical stylus, that you can upgrade to make the audio quality even better. By upgrading the stylus, you get sharper detail and richer tones.

There is a removable dust cover that comes with this device, complete with a hinge for support. While playing vinyl records, dust is an issue as the records can hiss, skip, and even crackle due to the presence of debris. Apart from reducing vibration, it also keeps the turntable clean.

The DC servo motor located underneath the platter allows for quick spinning. And because the turntable spins freely in the absence of any resistance, you make easy adjustments to the pitch. If you are a DJ that mixes records, this turntable is perfect for you as it can match the tempo easily.


  • Easy installation
  • Direct drive
  • USB connectivity


  • Instructions are not very clear
  • Plastic parts

18. Activision DJ Hero Stand-Alone Turntable

With this model, Activision has prioritized creating a real-life turntable experience. He disc platter has a vinyl texture and includes some great tactile and visual features. The platform is grippable which makes scratching a lot easier. The platter is mounted strongly, and the disc spins in an even manner.

The euphoria button and the effects dial are quite simple to use. Using the effects dial, you can select from several samples that you can use on a periodic basis throughout a song.

Furthermore, you can detach the control pod and place it on the other side. For this reason, it is one of the best DJ turntables for left-handed people. This lefty flip dynamic is a useful feature because it lets you conceal the ports using a cover when you mount the pod on the alternate side.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Teaches you the basics of DJing
  • Song catalog is quite diverse


  • Difficult to multitask
  • No break in between songs

19. AETFKO 3-Speed Vinyl Turntable

This turntable from AETFKO features a classic design and a retro-style look. It comes in a portable leather suitcase, that lets you create a signature style for yourself. With this model, it is convenient to make connections. This is because it supports Bluetooth connection via a smart device.

This turntable has three different speeds. The Record Player can work at 33 1/3, 78, and 45 RPM for any vinyl record that you want to play. You can use this turntable with 7, 10, and 12 inches’ vinyl records.

Moreover, this model has 2 in-built stereo speakers that produce high-fidelity audio. You also get an RCA output, AUX/USB input, headphone jack, and Vinyl-to-MP3 recording. There is no dearth of choices with this device. Overall, it is an exquisite unit with high audio quality that arrives in a compact package.


  • Easy to connect
  • Multiple functions
  • Three different speeds


  • Speakers cannot go too high

20. Crosley C200 Direct-Drive Turntable

This turntable from Crosley is extremely easy to assemble and you can do it pretty quickly. The platter fits comfortably at the center of the turntable and the needle attaches itself to the cartridge effortlessly.

The C200 supports pitch adjustment along with playback speeds of 33 and 45 RPM. The tonearm is fitted with hydraulic lift control and the usual lockable rest. Another great feature is the in-built phono pre-amp which ensures you don’t need to buy an outboard phono pre-amp in order to start listening.

At the back of the turntable, there is a simple switch that tells you when the phono pre-amp is on and when it’s off. Thus you can easily add an outboard phono pre-amp without any problems. The moving-magnet cartridge lets you choose any beat you like using another cartridge and to balance tonearm’s sweet curves with the help of an adjustable counterweight.

The direct-drive turntable motors let you bring the records up to speed faster and smoother. It lets you create a great mashup of your own, at a party, or a concert. The high frequencies on this turntable are crisp, the mids are warm and the bass is clean and tight. You can enhance the clarity by connecting an outboard pre-amp.


  • Eexcellent built quality
  • Easy to install
  • No-frills design


  • The RCA cables are a bit too short
  • Slight distortions with the phono pre-amp at higher volumes

21. Wockoder Record Player Turntable

If you want you are one of those DJs that are old school and like a vintage look with their turntables, then this model from Wockoder could be one of the best DJ turntables for you. Although the device looks vintage from the outside, inside it has all the features you would want from a modern record player.

This turntable with its classic design makes for a great addition to your existing sound system. Or you can use it as a standalone as well. Among the modern features on this model, there is wireless capability, which really allows you to be flexible with your DJing.

Although it is a compact and lightweight model, this turntable is built for durability and has a clear cover included. You can use this to keep the dust away from your vinyl and platter. It supports three different record sizes and three different speeds of 33 1/3, 78, and 45 RPM.

At the turntable’s base, there is a spring that absorbs shock, thus improving sound quality. This also reduces vibrations and prevents skipping, but you should set the turntable level if you face an issue. The speakers of the Wockoder turntable are reasonably loud, but you are better off connecting it to external speakers using the RCA output.


  • Belt-driven motor
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Belt-driven motor


  • Plastic panel for tonearm attachment is slightly flimsy
  • Connection to Bluetooth speakers not possible

22. DIGITNOW Vinyl Turntable

This is a Bluetooth enabled turntable that produces clear and crisp sound. You can connect it to an external Bluetooth device to play audio. Being extremely portable and lightweight, you can set it on your bedside table or cabinet.

It is easy to get started with this turntable, and all you need to do is to connect its power cord to an AC outlet. The power will come on when you press the power button for three seconds. You can also press the source key in order to access functions like Bluetooth, tuner, USB and SD, tape, and phono.

With this turntable, you get a 3.5 mm audio jack using which you can connect to external speakers and headphones. Using this mode, you can convert any vinyl records into MP3 files located in an SD card or a USB flash drive. So you can use your USB flash drive to play the digital files without the help of a software.

With this mode, you also get a Bluetooth receiver, so you can stream your music directly to the turntable with the help of the in-built speakers. You can play music from laptops, and smartphones wirelessly. This is turntable is belt driven and is able to play records at three different speeds of 33, 78, and 45 RPM.


  • Decent audio quality
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to install


  • In-built speakers don’t have a good range
  • Inconsistent with variable play speeds

23. DIGITNOW Vintage Turntable

You can use this record player as a stand-alone device fitted with integrated stereo speakers. You can also use the USB port to connect it to a computer or turn it into a USB record player, as you convert all your favorite tracks from vinyl to MP3 or WAV format. You can connect the turntable to the home stereo without any problems using the stereo phono outputs at the back.

The product arrives in a vintage briefcase with a stylish look. This suitcase with its chrome fasteners doesn’t only look great but also makes the device extremely portable. This record player supports 3 speeds, so you can play all your vinyl with this one. You can switch between 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM as needed.

The built-in active stereo system gives you clear and loud sound and even with the oldest records, you get excellent sound quality. For easy listening in any environment, there are integrated speakers. You can also use the RCA ports to connect the device to your home stereo or headphones.


  • Stylish suitcase design
  • In-built stereo system
  • RCA output for speaker


  • Material is a bit flimsy

24. Gemini TT-1100USB DJ Turntable

The Gemini TT-1100USB has a compact hard plastic body that is quite sturdy. While traveling, you can easily carry it in your bag. The platter is made of solid aluminum and is a real good addition at this price range. The curved tonearm leaves enough room for a target light. For connecting to other devices, you can use the USB and RCA cables.

With the TT-1100USB, you will get some nice features that you don’t normally expect to find with a product at its price range. There is a USB port that facilitates direct recording to your Mac or PC. The belt drive is manual and the controls are pretty much easy to understand.

You can experiment all you want with this model, as it has a pitch dial for adjusting pitch, two start/stop switches, and a reverse switch. You can adjust almost every little aspect of this system, which makes it suitable for beginner DJs. The turntable has thick rubber feet that keep it steady and allows you to achieve good scratching. The sound quality is very strong and the system has an optimum weight that is easy to manage.


  • Great value for money
  • In-built USB interface
  • Solid aluminum platter


  • Outdated looks
  • Needs additional setup

25. Numark NDX500

Capable and compact, the NDX500 from Numark is a great addition to a modular set-up. It is one of the best turntables for those who wish to play music from various different formats. The NDX-500 has a separate power cord, an RCA cable, and a USB cable that is of high quality.

The pitch fader on this turntable doesn’t have a center indentation, so you can slide over it with ease. The play/cue buttons have decent tactile feedback and are clearly marked using different colors and text. The long track selector knob sits unobstructed and easy to use even with big fingers.

Above the cue button lies the folder button that lets you browse MP3 files on a USB device or a CD. For the CD, there is a clear eject button and LED indicators for displaying the current mode. Through the single-button rotation system, you can switch between Midi, USB, and CD.

On the other side, you will the usual buttons like Prog, Single, and Time. Using the Prog button, you can create an impromptu playlist. There is also a manual loop function that lets you loop the tracks easily. Around the jogwheel, there are four buttons for search, scratch, reverse, and brake.


  • Cheap addition to your controller setup
  • Solid construction
  • Support for CD and USB


  • Screen is extremely basic

26. Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300

The Inpulse 300 is a well made and affordable DJ controller from Hercules. It comes with a quick start guide and a high-quality USB cable. Being lightweight and compact, it is easy to carry the device around.

With this turntable, you get 8 performance pads for each deck, along with filter and gain controls, 3-band EQ, and large jog wheels. This makes sure you will have the opportunity to improve your DJing skills and not need to switch to a more high-end controller.

With the Inpulse 300, you get a built-in soundcard that is not very common for a controller of this category. So you can connect the speakers directly to the controller without going through the computer’s audio output.


  • Onboard soundcard
  • Music assistant
  • Decent DJ software


  • Pitch fader is small

27. Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 DJ Turntable

With an experience of about 50 years in the industry, Pioneer DJ has built the ultimate DJ turntable that is sure to aid the professionals and excite the novice. The PLX-1000 model emphasizes on a familiar layout with massive improvements to meet the criteria of the present generation. It is built rather solidly and is carefully engineered for the booth.

One of the most impressive features of this DJ turntable is the high-torque direct drive mechanism. It attributes to excellent control and stable rotation. Moreover, the product is built with a zinc chassis that does not allow vibrations and resonance. The bottom part is equipped with resin, which is 8 mm in thickness.

The audio and power cables of the DJ turntable are interchangeable. They can also be connected with ease and replaced, if necessary. Furthermore, the RCA jacks are built in such a way that they offer low impedance, which does wonders for the sound quality. The multi-tempo control of the product is simply amazing. It offers the DJs to slow down or increase the tempo of the track to ±50%, ±16%, and ±8%. Also, with one press of the reset button, you can go back to ±0%.


  • Replaceable RCA cables
  • Default dual voltage
  • Multi-tempo control


  • Bottom case not offering much resistance against resonance feedback

28. Denon DJ VL12 Prime Turntable

When it comes to providing DJ turntables for professional DJs, you can count on Denon DJ. They release products that resonate with quality, sophistication, and add the touch of professionalism that instantly attracts the customers. The VL 12 Prime turntable completes the Prime series of the brand. The design is impressive, and the features even more so.

The turntable looks stylish and is metal black in color. Also, the feet offer damped suspension to reduce vibrations. The direct-drive motor system is isolated. It is done to achieve the maximum signal to noise ratio and get rid of unwanted nooses.

With the range of pitch control that the product offers, you can switch between ±50%, ±16%, and ±8%. Moreover, you can also use the reset button. It will turn off the pitch fader, and the pitch will be set at 0%.
It also has a high/low torque button and the platter ring knob. The knob offers different colors – RGB lighting that illuminates the edge of the platter.

The tonearm is S-shaped and is done to offer accurate tracking. However, the presence of the tonearm rest is a surprise. It has two positions – resting and locking. Headshells are also present.


  • Isolated high-torque motor
  • Easy setup of the tonearm
  • In-built RGB lighting


  • Absence of dustcover

29. Rane Twelve Turntable

Rane DJ has successfully infused the traditional DJ turntable with modern features. It resulted in a model that attracted DJs immensely. The Rane twelve turntable is a revelation. The absence of tonearm aids the users in eliminating unwanted noise. With the motorized control, you can have the vinyl experience, along with the latest digital software.

The product has a 12-inch motorized platter along with twin torque. With the platter offering 3600 ticks of resolution per one vinyl revolution, the music quality is enhanced greatly. The incredible option of the sub-bass frequency is simply impressive.

You can have the full frequency range without the fear of noise and ugly rumble coming from the bass. The center of the product has a control disc, which is white acrylic.

The disc offers resistance against warping and makes the performance of the DJ even more memorable. There are four decks of control and a MIDI interface. The platter speeds are 33 1/3 / 45 RPM. Also, the pitch ranges from ±50%, ±16% to ±8%.


  • High/low torque adjustment settings
  • Absence of tonearm
  • Control disc offering superior grip


  • Holes have to be drilled for the replacement of the vinyl

30. Reloop AMS-RP-7000-MK2 Turntable

If you are looking for battle-ready turntables, you can easily rely on Reloop. Their AMS-RP-7000-MK2 turntable is particularly designed to last for years and is extremely dependable. It can withstand harsh conditions and still enable the turntablist to perform excellently with professionalism.

The product is made of a mixture of rubber, synthetic materials, and metal. It makes the turntable even heavier, and as a result, resistant to vibrations caused by bass sounds. The coating of the surface with a scratch-resistant metallic finish further aids in the isolation and also gives it a stylish look.

With the LED target light, you can easily identify the stylus position. Moreover, it is removable and can be exchanged, if needed. The product is also equipped with a stop/start button. On the top panel, you will find buttons that will assist in the switching of the various motor speeds – 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM.

The tonearm is S-shaped and is integrated with an anti-skating mechanism. It offers enhanced stability and an adjustable VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle). With the pitch fader, you can now adjust the speed of the platter within the range of ±50%, ±16%, and ±8%. The starting torque is adjustable, which makes running it relatively easy.


  • Shock-absorbing feet offer resistance against vibration
  • Moveable LED target light
  • S-shaped tonearm


  • Lack of dust cover

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best DJ Turntables

There are several factors that you must consider while making the decision to purchase the best DJ turntables. Take a look at some of the factors given below.

1. Check Out The Weight

The weight of the turntable is the most crucial feature that you must take into account. Make sure that it is heavy and sturdy. If the turntable is light in weight, then it is more susceptible to all kinds of vibrations. It can ultimately affect the performance of a DJ negatively.

The heavier the turntable is, the more will it be able to resist the vibrations. It is especially helpful if you are purchasing for professional gigs.

2. See If It’s Direct-Drive Or Belt-Drive

If you are buying a DJ turntable for scratching, then you must opt for the direct drives. These have greater torque, and the motor speed is steady. Furthermore, they are easy to handle and can be spun backward.

But, if you opt for the belt-drive turntables, you will have to come to terms with a startup time that is slow. Also, it is relatively harder to scratch on.

3. Look Into The Cartridge

There are mainly two types of cartridges in a turntable – moving coil cartridge and moving magnet cartridge. If you are on a budget, you can opt for the moving magnet cartridge. However, if you want an impressive sonic feature, then the moving coil cartridge is the better option.

Both types of the cartridge can have any one kind of needle attached. These are – elliptical and spherical. Opt for spherical needles. They have better tracking and are perfect for scratching.

4. Take Note Of The Torque

It is vital to check out the torque of the turntable before deciding on it. While some DJs might not feel it to be important but the more torque you have, the more benefits you will get. Always go for the ones with torque at least 1.5 kg/cm or more.

The high torque offers resistance against the motor when slowing down and a relatively fast startup. It also causes low distortion.

5. Look At The Tonearm

Tonearms generally come in two distinct types – straight and S-shaped. Both have properties that make them attractive to DJs. For instance, the S-shaped tonearm offers the impressive sound quality, but the straight ones offer enhanced tracking.

You must choose according to your requirement. However, the main thing to keep into account is that the tonearm must be lightweight but stiff.

6. Take A Look At The Pitch Control

Pitch control is one of the most vital features in a turntable. It is necessary for beat-matching. If you are an amateur, you might not need it. But, if you are keen on becoming a professional DJ, then ensuring the presence of pitch control is a must.

7. Keep The Budget In Mind

Before you fall in love with a turntable, make sure that it is within your budget. Do not go overboard just because you love the features. To avoid disappointment and feeling of loss, map your budget first, and then look for products within that range. In this way, you can find attractive deals without over-spending.

But, keep in mind that keeping the budget too low might not offer the best quality products. Ultimately, you will have to find the product that is a perfect balance between economical and top-quality.

Tips For Setting Up The Best DJ Turntables

  • Buying the best DJ Turntables is clearly not enough. You must also be aware of the steps that you need to follow to set it up. Once the setting is done, you can start your practice. Check out the tips and set up your DJ turntable with ease.
  • Look for a flat surface to avoid vibrations and rumbles.
    Put the platter within the base unit.
  • Attach the wires and put in the screws to assemble the stylus, cartridge, and headshell.
  • Add or remove weight to ensure the correct balance of the tonearm.
    Make sure that your stylus- cartridge weighs appropriately.
  • Check if the needle sticks need any more weightage.
  • Play a track and enjoy it!

FAQs on DJ Turntables

Q1. Do We Get Inbuilt Speakers With Turntables?

They are not in-built, and hence you have to buy it separately.

Q2. How To Know If The Turntable Has An In-Built Preamp?

The best way to know if the turntable has an in-built preamp is to check if there is a USB output. If it is present, you have an in-built preamp. But, if it is not present, and you need a preamp, you will need RCA cables.

Q3. What Causes Humming In The Turntables?

The stylus within the cartridge is extremely sensitive. It can catch vibrations from other nearby equipment and cause the humming sound.

Q4. When Should You Change The Stylus Of The Turntable?

The changing of the stylus of the turntable depends on the usage and the manufacturer. But, generally, the change is recommended at around 1000 hours of playing records.

Make Heads Turn With The Best DJ Turntables

If you want to succeed as a professional DJ, mastering a DJ turntable is a must. But, you can only do so if you have the best DJ Turntables to aid you. The various features of the turntables ensure that you must select the ones that fit your requirements the best. With the perfect DJ turntable, you can rock nightclubs, music fests, and any other venue with elegance and oomph.

Furthermore, we have compiled a list of the best DJ turntables that can help amateurs and professionals alike. Take note of the pros and cons and think carefully before making a hefty investment. Learn how to spin tracks and change the mood wherever you go.

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